March 26, 2010

Amazing Editorial

I just found this editorial from the Harpers Bazaar: Russia magazine (I don't know what issue, but if anyone knows, please tell me :D), and it was amazing! The model was mah gurl Chloe Sevigny, posing around animal-shaped hedges, bushes and tall trees, all beneath a perfect, cloudless blue sky.

L. O. V. E

Photographer: Pavel Havlicek
I spy with my little eye...McQueen? :D

Tweedledee and Tweedledum? :D Alice in Wonderland inspired, probably!

Viktor and Rolf!

Amazing, no?

Courtesy of Fashion Editorials for the photos.

March 24, 2010

Wheres your favourite place in the world and why?

I love NY, though I've never been there, I still get inspired of it and that's my dream - to come there some time!

Also, I love the field in two steps to go from my house... it's surrounded by the trees and some trees are laying on the earth, so you can sit on them. I have good memories connected to it, I usually get there alone and, you know... enjoy myself and the nature.

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March 3, 2010

Glamour Getaway - Paris Page released! :) Get a gift!

Also, try to guess which two locations we will feature more! If you guess, you'll get a gift!

Join the ARMY

Soldiers are no doubt strong and brave people who fight to protect their loved ones from harm. Nowadays, we get our inspiration from the strong people who get up, and get out, and fight for their lives. Shoulder-padded jackets, embellished brooches and pins, lace up boots - all these are included in this season's staple. They give the appearance of a tough and sophisticated woman with impeccable style. By indulging in military-inspired clothes, you can look effortlessly cool, usually mixing military with urban-inspired garments. This style is also often seen on the runways and sported by celebrities.

A great supporter of military-inspired clothes is Balmain, and there is at least one of two military jackets included in different collections. Stardoll recreates many of Balmain's creations, making it either an expensive garment you could buy in the Star Plaza or a Hot Buy. Military jackets spices up outfits, giving a grunge, '90s look. Brooches and pins - usually embellished with an animal on it - gives a glamorous touch. Whether you're in the military or not, these garments will be worn by people for a long time and may never get out of style. Keep your head held high, your gun at the ready, and let out the inner soldier in you.

March 1, 2010

Stardoll Sends "Thanks!" + Freakshow Awards

... And I thank them back! :)

As you may know, I am a contributor of official version of the Magazine, but in Russia. And I've made a post about E, telling it was released, but on English. And I asked them to publish it in International Magazine. First, they refused, but in a few hours I got a message, saying (sorry, won't print screen, it's Russian anyways) that they actually will publish it in the magazine HERE and they... made me a SS for one more month. Ha. First time I got paid hehe :D Sadly, team hadn't got anything from SD, but there, sadlyyy was no way to. Anyways, Thank you, Stardoll!

Also, huge Thanks to everyone, who voted Eternity at "Freakshow Awards"! YAY we won yesterday! Victory's in the air, right? :)

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Thank you guys!!!

Cover Girl Photoshoot. Page 1.