January 31, 2010

Eternity: SD or Non-Sd Clothes?

Thing is, I can't resist each time when I go on style.com for sample... and mostly, well - perhaps at the moment we have a lot of clothes from designers. Not our fault SD rarely releases something very cool.But I'll try to make up something, probably? I know I promised more SD clothes, but the last normal SD item was HB de la Renta cardi, and no items more. They spoiled McQueen and Balmain dresses! Well, you've seen yourself.

How do you feel about that?

"Change is the Essence of Life"

First of all, my name is Sarah (blueberry-dream on Stardoll), but you can call me whatever you want to call me, as long as it sounds snazzy ;) I am one of the three members in the trial E-team.

I could not explain my feelings when Charlotte told me that I was in the trial team. I was so thrilled at the thought to be working with amazing, fascinating people and to be a part of such a fabulous magazine, but I knew that it was just a trial, and I had no idea what would happen in the future. Mary had me doing tasks, and it was harder than I thought - I had to write articles, change wordings, make sure my article was perfect; I spent tiring, back-stiffening hours on Skype and Microsoft Word.

I finally sent in my article, and a few days after that, Mary told me that it was rejected in the mockup. I was a bit upset, but it was just a practice article, after all. I took Mary and Charlotte's 'words of wisdom' by heart, and I have learnt that being a part of a magazine is more than writing articles and having the perfect graphics. Eternity is much more than that.

See you soon,
Sarah xx.

January 30, 2010

Time for Molly

Some of you might know me and probably most of you might not now me. I'm smoothieLove on stardoll and my real name is Molly. I'm one of the three trials at E right now!

First of all, I'm very excited to be working with such experienced and creative people. That's what E is about, being creative and doing it well, for a fabulous magazine. I haven't been a part of this for a long time at all, but I'm slowly getting it. Now working on some articles and just trying to get the right feeling. Since both Charlotte and Mary told me stuff like 'Don't think, it'll just come' I will believe them, the real stuff just comes, right? Well I bet my time at E, no matter how long it will end up as, will be educational, intresting, fun and very very fashion!
And I might have some cool gossip to tell, when the time is right ;)

Have a great day /Molly

January 28, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Dear diary,

Today, Mary presented me the cover of the upcoming issue of Eternity Magazine. I gasped. When I talked about the last issue, I did talk about it as if it were "gold" - and I meant it. That's how I felt about it. And even though some people portrayed the shoot as trashy, I know that Mary had an artistic vision and not an abandoned one!

Now, once more - I will say that the upcoming issue of "E" is one-hundred times better than the Comeback Issue. It's not as provocative as most people thought the previous issue was. And it stuns me to see that in just little over month, Mary's graphics have improved.

Until next time, Tyler

January 27, 2010

We did it!

Yay for us - over 100 000 views on eternitymag.wordpress.com! Congratulations to everyone, and thank you so much, dedicated readers! I was wonering, if we need to throw a party like that?

Also, some good news about next issue and the trial workers coming soon!

Thank you again,we love you all - haters and fans! Both sides make Eternity bigger :)


Sincerely, Mary :)

January 26, 2010

I've Returned

Yes, it's me - Tyler (Tylerisbold)! You probably all know by now that I quit, here at Eternity Magazine. The reason being was the actuality that I did not want to be caught up in any sort of controversy that I did not belong in. I gave my story regarding the squabble, therefor, I will not go any further on the subject.

I am here to stay, be loyal to the team - and, Mary.

Until next time, Tyler

New Stardoll Haircuts?

Whoa! I simply love them! According to vampire_ they are in SD adds!
Credit for picture:

We Have Our Winners! Trial E-Teamer Update

Hey guys, Charlotte posting here (2nd time, wow!)

I and Mary finally decided who was going in to the trial E-team; it took a little time for people to start applying, but they started pouring in after a couple of days! Though, we did not feel as though many of the entries really… stood out, you know? So we decided to go with the option of 3 people, instead of the original 4 people. These 3 people made their applications stand out, more than anyone else’s because of their amazing and original ideas! The lucky people that we chose for the trial E- team are:




Congratulations, girls! We hope… no, we know that you will enjoy the hectic life of an E – worker for a month, and hope you help us make this issue extra special! Thanks everyone for applying, and stay tuned for more news about E!!!

January 24, 2010

Your Feb Hotbuys Likes?

Yes: Jacket (obv, Balmain!), Dress, Shoes and maybe jeans.
What about you?

January 22, 2010

New Design - Your Sneak Peak to February Issue!

It's almost Spring! Well, at least in fashion :)

You might think we're crazy, but haven't I promiced you we're going to be very fashion forward this time?
Beware of hotness splash! New design of the blog is your hint to the next issue :)

January 17, 2010

Topshop vs H&M

Other than the color turquoise, we should all know that floral designs are back and trendier than ever this year. Spring 2010 is going bold, yet feminine - and I love it! Two of my favorite stores have recently released their newest collections, and I see similarities. Who do you think does it better?

I really love them both, but Topshop takes the prize for me. H&M's take on the flower frenzy is a little mature and woman-ish for me. That's my opinion, though. I like how Topshop's is a darker feel, and I recommend you check out the rest of the collection, it is very Parisian inspired.

That's just a little trend watch for you guys to read, and as I mentioned at the beginning, turquoise is huge! Love love love! 2010 is going to be a stunning year for fashion. It's the start of a new decade, who knows what could happen?

January 15, 2010

Eternity Team: Are you in?


Due to many people are asking me if they can work for E I thought, "why not? give them a chance".
So, here it is - I am picking 4 trial  members to the E team - exclusively, and only for this month. If think you can work without doing anything, or just be there to know E's inside secrets, then I should say you get nothing, cause trial members only get tasks, not get to know who even the CG is.
But if you're a good worker, giving the ideas and making tasks, then you have all the chances to leave in the team for good. When trial turns to permanent. 

What can you do?

Well, go to comments under this post and write 5 ideas for the February issue connected with:
- fashion article (2)
- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
- clothing idea (that's if you want)

Write your SD nickname then, and if you're picked then I orsomeone from the team will message you asap telling you're in!

By the way, you can't participate if you don't have Skype!

Sincerely, Mary

Eternity to have a sponsor Modelling Agency?

Hey there! :)

Some news around!
I've decided to find some active modelling agency to work with Eternity, and if you have one - you can give me a hint in my messages or GuestBook, or comments here.

Want to tell you what this agency I want to be like: 
- Sure thing, it's status of the agency - I mean exclusivity, name and reputation.
- Number of beautiful and stylish models.
- Difference in races - there must be models from all over the worlk, not just Europe and USA (but them too!) . The same with skintones.
- Fashion Sense and Style of the Agency's owner - you represent what you have here.
- Activity o the agency.
- Reliability.
- Would be great for owner to have Skype.

Why we search for one: 
This isn't immediately or what, but I want to be safe with models here - when you have someone in your agency, you know something about her, right? If I am searching a model just surfing Stardoll - me and my Team waste a lot of time without any guaranty. Also, I am interested in showing new faces - and if they've entered the agency, means they are worth to be in the magazine!

For more news, just message me :)

Sincerely, Mary

January 12, 2010

January 11, 2010

Eternity Magazine @ Facebook

I've finally decided to log in my facebook page, and thought that would be good to have a Facebook Eternity magazine community!

We have a lot of advantages there- you can discuss everything, tell your opinion, ideas, and get little updates all the time through status thing!

Fan us here : ETERNITY Facebook

Sincerely, Mary

January 9, 2010

Eternity February: Reveals

First of, thanks guys for the drama! We've got so much views, wow! The issue went... success, even through the controversy, we've filtered so much... people from E-Team's social circle. It's just I doubt we like someone who is following the crowd opinions. And when another crowd, which is bigger than the first one, thinks opposite, they follow the largest one. I know, sounds mean, but that's true.

Anyways, about the February issue.

Some parts I can already reveal:

- As it was said on the Eternity Conference, we used to want having a lot of covergirls in Feb, but I doubt that will happen now. Thing is, we've changed the theme, to the way better one and Vanity Fair inspired one will be... later :) no information on which issue will it be, but.. the idea is made :)
- More Stardoll clothes.
- Very Fashion Forward. Let's talk Spring-Summer already! :)

So, all by now.

Sincerely, Mary

January 7, 2010

Eternity January Cover Shoot

Mary is here, back to the internet scene. First of all - sorry I wasn't there, at Eternity Mag's release party - I had this lucky thing for my inet to turn off at 0:01am, 3d of January. But oh well, I went to my friend's house next day to upload the pictures.

Today, my brother finally set everything up and I got connected again. Went to my blogger, and saw the news on E. First, it was a positive opinion, it is just because I never read what Kasia said cause I thought it was random posts, and I wanted to see what's on with E. In a few minutes I've realized that wow - we caused so much drama for 2 days! I'd like to explain the nude shoot of Melanie Bookson on the cover, how she agreed and why we've done that.

1. It wasn't done without Melanie's permission. She agreed to be a CoverGirl.
2. Melanie wanted to be naked. She didn't want to wear fur, because she told it was "ghetto". It was nothing against nudity in the Skype chat, Mel liked it. Too bad the history is on my Mac. At first she disliked the fur idea, but Dora showed her naked Campbell in fur, and she agreed in a second. By the way, notice that her appereance in "D" magazine only in lingerie never caused so much drama, because Melanie agreed to be naked there too. So don't go telling that E is such a perv, using 15 year old girl.
3. In the interview, Lorie mentions that it is "faux fur", so stop the huge realfurcontroversy talk. And by the way - have you totally forgot we're on Stardoll and the fur was drawn by my hands?
4. I bet you've seen tons of people - your role models, celebrities and stuff - naked in shoots. Are you really offended? I mean, I don't even get it - you guys are what - ashamed of being human? You were born naked, not in Chanel dresses, so don't offend yourself. Or if you want so - go to shower and scream "OMG! I offend myself now!!!"
5. Melanie was never shown as a prostitute. Nudity is shown as Art in Eternity, because Fashion is Art and Eternity is Fashion. And by the way - go and take all the clothes from Mel's doll on SD right now. And you know what? You'l see more there, then on Eternity pages! :)
6. It is a virtual magazine.

I think I've explained everything normally. You just need to understand that no one fooled Melanie or something, she agreed herself. Just get over it. Oh no, don't get over it. "You're nothing until you are talked about", remember? :)

Also, I will fix some errors with the graphics, and Caroline's surname soon. It's just I had no internet.

Thank you for reading!
P.S. February issue spoiler is coming soon!

Sincerely, Mary

January 6, 2010

What's happened lately!

Hello everyone, Charlotte posting here, and it seems as though this is my first post!!

I just really wanted to talk about what has happened with things Mary not being online, opinions on the shoots and cover of Mel, Tyler quitting… all that jazz.

So, you all know that Mary has not been able to get online because of her internet going down – nothing she can help at all, we will just have to wait for her internet to be fixed. To the people that are saying all these things, about how Mel is not being portrayed as herself, I’d like to say that I think that magazines aren't really meant to represent the model, but as they are the magazines muse they should represent what the magazine wants them to since aren’t models meant to change for whatever product they are advertising? It’s sort of the same for this… just my opinion. I wasn't in the E chat when Mel was online with Mary and the other members of the team, so I don't even know the full extent of what was said or whatever, it wasn't anything bad and Tyler wasn't being manipulative, neither did they have to fight to get her to agree to the shoots and cover. Mel thought that fur was ''ghetto'' so she didn't really want to go through with the faux fur concept, but after Mary said it was all about luxury, and when Dora showed her a picture of Naomi Campbell nude wearing a fur jacket she agreed, so we just went from that.

I’d also like to comment on Tyler quitting. Tyler - I know that you won't really be here this week due to school, but; I think it would have been a bit nicer if you vould have waited until Mary got back to quit, and if you couldn't have done it publicly... whatever thought, your choice. :)

That’s all I have to really say for now… x

January 5, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

My last Eternity log to make things more clear... I was thrilled when I found out that Mary had been able to get online and release the comeback issue of Eternity Magazine. I was even more relieved that nothing too serious had happened to her, but then I come to find out about these horrible comments Kaisa (UndamyUmbrellla) had left in my guestbook:

First of all, Kasia - I do not own Eternity Magazine. Nor do I have an actual say as to what contents Mary puts inside of it. I give ideas, sure - but it definitely does not mean that Mary is going to use them. It was Mel's decision if she wanted to be portrayed this way or not. She knew how she would look on the cover and throughout the spread, could she not have said no to all of this?

Oh, and another thing. I did not neglect to noticed that Mary "forgot" to add my name to the "team members" section of the magazine! So therefor, would that even make me a staff member to begin with... ? For my appearance and reputation I have decided to quit my position here at Eternity Magazine. As if I was even apart of it, eh?