March 26, 2010

Amazing Editorial

I just found this editorial from the Harpers Bazaar: Russia magazine (I don't know what issue, but if anyone knows, please tell me :D), and it was amazing! The model was mah gurl Chloe Sevigny, posing around animal-shaped hedges, bushes and tall trees, all beneath a perfect, cloudless blue sky.

L. O. V. E

Photographer: Pavel Havlicek
I spy with my little eye...McQueen? :D

Tweedledee and Tweedledum? :D Alice in Wonderland inspired, probably!

Viktor and Rolf!

Amazing, no?

Courtesy of Fashion Editorials for the photos.

March 24, 2010

Wheres your favourite place in the world and why?

I love NY, though I've never been there, I still get inspired of it and that's my dream - to come there some time!

Also, I love the field in two steps to go from my house... it's surrounded by the trees and some trees are laying on the earth, so you can sit on them. I have good memories connected to it, I usually get there alone and, you know... enjoy myself and the nature.

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March 3, 2010

Glamour Getaway - Paris Page released! :) Get a gift!

Also, try to guess which two locations we will feature more! If you guess, you'll get a gift!

Join the ARMY

Soldiers are no doubt strong and brave people who fight to protect their loved ones from harm. Nowadays, we get our inspiration from the strong people who get up, and get out, and fight for their lives. Shoulder-padded jackets, embellished brooches and pins, lace up boots - all these are included in this season's staple. They give the appearance of a tough and sophisticated woman with impeccable style. By indulging in military-inspired clothes, you can look effortlessly cool, usually mixing military with urban-inspired garments. This style is also often seen on the runways and sported by celebrities.

A great supporter of military-inspired clothes is Balmain, and there is at least one of two military jackets included in different collections. Stardoll recreates many of Balmain's creations, making it either an expensive garment you could buy in the Star Plaza or a Hot Buy. Military jackets spices up outfits, giving a grunge, '90s look. Brooches and pins - usually embellished with an animal on it - gives a glamorous touch. Whether you're in the military or not, these garments will be worn by people for a long time and may never get out of style. Keep your head held high, your gun at the ready, and let out the inner soldier in you.

March 1, 2010

Stardoll Sends "Thanks!" + Freakshow Awards

... And I thank them back! :)

As you may know, I am a contributor of official version of the Magazine, but in Russia. And I've made a post about E, telling it was released, but on English. And I asked them to publish it in International Magazine. First, they refused, but in a few hours I got a message, saying (sorry, won't print screen, it's Russian anyways) that they actually will publish it in the magazine HERE and they... made me a SS for one more month. Ha. First time I got paid hehe :D Sadly, team hadn't got anything from SD, but there, sadlyyy was no way to. Anyways, Thank you, Stardoll!

Also, huge Thanks to everyone, who voted Eternity at "Freakshow Awards"! YAY we won yesterday! Victory's in the air, right? :)

Click to go to the Best Stardoll's Magazine and check new pages HERE
Thank you guys!!!

Cover Girl Photoshoot. Page 1.

February 28, 2010

+2 Pages of Juicy Juicy Juicy!

Yup, another 2-page. It just looks bad to release Juicy page by page...

February 27, 2010

+2 Pages Released

Today I've made a tiny surprise, and released Editor's Letter with the contents list :)

Click here to go to Eternity Magazine and see what's inside! :)

February 13, 2010


The Freakshow Awards nominees are UP!!! Here are the nominees-

Freakiest Male MeDoll Disguise:

Finest Female MeDoll:

Fantasy Fringed, (Best Dressed MeDoll):
Outlandish Outhouses, (Best Suite Design):

Social Psycho, (Social Butterfly):

Media Mutant, (Most-blogged About):
Hot Buys

Abnormal Artist, (Best Graphic Designer):

Berserk Blog, (Best Blog):
The Stardoll Freakshow (
Perez Hilton of Stardoll (
Stardoll's Most Wanted (
Stardoll Fashion Forward (
Purple Rain (
Monstrous Magazine, (Best Magazine):
Different Magazine (
Recherche Magazine (recherchemagazne)
Fierce Magazine (
Eternity Magazine (

Vote Eternity!!!

It's magic

I've realized my competitors are so good. They write about awsome and amazing things and they do it well. I'm really a beginner at writing, I'm more of a graphic maker, designer, stylist and you know that kind of things. Though when you write and you really get into it -it's so fun! It's amazing when you're writing down your thoughts, making them able for others and you just know they'll love it. I'd like to call that magic, it's the same with great performers that one minute before the show starts, they just know that they're about to do something historical -and does it.

I appreciate every little vote I've gotten here on the blog. Thank-you. Even though I'm not at the top I feel pretty proud. I did write three articles that I was pretty happy with and I did do my job, mostly I'm proud to be a trial at Eternity, it's a great opportunity, really. I still have time to impress you guys though! I believe nothing is impossible and if you want something really really bad, and you know in your heart that you can do it, there is nothing in the world to stop you from getting it!

Moving on to something else.. "All good things come to and end" that's what Nelly Furtado easily sang once right? I guess it's true. Lee Alexander McQueen took his life, it's shocking, unbelievable and the fashion world misses him deeply. He really did amazing things, I'd like to call his creations magic too. Rest in peace, his art will never be forgotten. It's sad to see anyone pass away, but you're so shocked when it's an icon. You somehow think they'll live forever.

Just a final thing,
I know Michael's smiling, wherever he is.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow! 
(Actually V-day is my B-day!)


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February 11, 2010

Choice Article - Girls Around the World

Many people dream of vacationing in gorgeous tropical locations, with miles of endless beaches, and exotic foods and people. But what is it like to live in one of the dream vacation places? Vasia, Eve, and Nicole are here to give us a little idea.
One of the most serene and gorgeous countries on earth happens to be Greece. Many girls from stardoll live there, one of them being Vasia (Vasia28). Vasia is 14 and speaks the native greek language. She personally loves Greece because the history is extremely rich, and the Olympics originated there. Part of Greek history involves mythology and Gods, such as Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite. Greece has the tenth longest coastline in the world. Oh, and kids there don't wear sandals and togos. Vasia says right now the kids in her school wear brands like DC, Roxy, Quicksilver, and element. They love to hang out with friends and listen to music! Vasia says if you visit Greece, you will never forget the beautiful country that's waiting for you!

Thousands of miles away in the country of New Zealand lives Eve (evie_is_Kool). She is 13 and speaks English, and even a little bit of the native Maori. She believes that the best part of her country is the beautiful country side, the beaches, and the weather. New Zealand has very diverse wildlife, and the people are laid back and and calm. Eve says the kids at her school wear ripped shorts, black or white converse, and baggy shirts. When Eve isn't dancing, she is swimming in her pool or at the beach, or just relaxing with friends. So whether your interested in wildlife, or just relaxing on the beach, New Zealand has something for everyone!

Deep in the Southern Hemisphere is the country of Brazil, where Nicole (tcholas93) lives. Brazil is a country filled with culture and a strong sense of heritage. Nicole is 16 and speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Some of her favorite parts about where she lives is the music, the ethnic food, and the fantastic landscape and views. There is also fantatic diversity amoung people and culture, as well as amazing cities, wildlife, beaches, and biodiversity. The clothes trends there are black stockings, ankle boots, studded clothes, fringed clothes, metalic details, and flowy blouses; many of which were featured in Sao Paulo Fashion Week. In her spare time Nicole likes to go to the beaches, tourist places, the mall, cinema, parks, clubs, restaurants, bars, and she also loves to to go hiking. A perfect time to go to Brazil will be in 2016, when the city of Rio de Janeiro will host the summer Olympics!
As you can probably see, although these girls live in completely different places than you or I, they all share one thing: They are proud of where they live, and they have the same interests as you or I. If you can't visit these places, meet someone on Stardoll from one of your dream locations, and ask them what it's like! They can give you the insight on what their country is really like, and it will you give you a greater understanding of the fantastic planet we live on!

R.I.P. McQueen

Fashion God, you're always in our hearts


February 10, 2010

Own Choice of Article - Urban Techno

This 2010, urban-themed colors and techno colors have decided to team up together and be the next make-up trend that will send people from all around the world flying. Eventually, their little plan worked. This trend is now seen on models gracing glossy catwalks in certain fashion shows, and in the future, they will dominate almost everyone and everything in the fashion world.

To get the look, one must play up the eyes; use an urban-inspired colored eyeshadow, and use a bright, eye-catching color for the eye-pencil (to give that sort of metallic look) to complement the eyeshadow. Then, blend two lip colors together, and apply lip gloss in the center of the lips to give that occasional shine.
Urban Techno is a very futuristic, suiting trend, which involves two categories of colors - urban colors and techno colors - coming together, and creating the new craze. Try it out for yourself, see how it fits you! Create a photoshoot with your friends, wear your Gucci heels, your vintage headwear, and try out the trend. It is fast on its tracks, intercepting the fashion pack.

Get high fashion, and indulge in a rainbow of colors.

February 9, 2010

Fashion related

Do it the sporty way

Athletes are not often fashionistas, we know that. But for you fashionistas, it's time to be half an athlete and half a fashion freak. That's what one of the big spring trends are about -Sporty fashion! The spring collections 2010 has shown us clothes  inspired by tennis, basket ball, american football, skating, surfing and alot more and sports just keep influence designers in a good way. Big colorful patterns, sweat pants, loose tops and cool jackets will make you look both a bit sporty and chic at the same time this spring. And who said high heels wasen't sporty? On the runway, anything works! 

Designers to be inspired by for this trend is mainly Pucci (Who's very know for sporty but yet fashionable clothes), Hermès (Who made alot of tennis inspired items this season), Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Alexander Wang among others. To get the very perfect sporty look, the accesories are a big deal. Small colorful clutches and leather fringed totes are bags to go for. Sweat bands were allso seen on the runways. Don't forget to get inspired by the 80's, flashdance, neon colors, great beats and dance moves! If you're already a sporty girl, this look will -hopefully- fit you like a glove! 

Now how to pull it off in your everyday life?

Start with a pair of pants, or skirt (Of course depending on the temperature outside!) Go for bold colors like purple and bright blue OR go for the more sophisticated looks with either black and white or beige sheer garmints. If you choose to wear pants with alot of pattern it's better to go for a one colored top. Choose a big loose fitted short sleeved shirt or top if wearing tight pants and vice versa. The trick is to find the right balans in your outfits. If you feel like wearing a dress go for a pretty tight one with a bold pattern and even long sleeves, like the Pucci one to the right.

The accessories says it all

As I said before, why wouldn't high heels be sporty? High heeled sandals are way hot this spring, of course whenever the wheater allows you to wear them. Blue, brown or black, go for quite simple yet high sandals. Never forget your clutch or bag though! Match your clutch/tote/bag with your shoes and not with your outfit, you'll look way more trendy! If you really feel like going for the 'tennis' look, use a headband! Hèrmes and Lacoste showed us some great ones this spring.

Don't forget the leather

Tight black leather pants, either short or long are allso a trend that goes the sporty way. Match them with a big basketball shirt or a sheer allmost see-through top.

Work that face

To really complete your look use bold colored eyeshadows and blushes. It's not about blending in, it's about being chic, sporty and standing out! Let your lips still be natural though, you still don't want it to be too much, right? Now just one more thing, don't ever forget the shades!

By Molly Love

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Some time has gone by since I last wrote one of these, I feel a little rusty. Hi, my fellow Eternity readers! It's me here: Tyler. The release of Eternity Magazine is getting closer and might I just add that this IS the best issue of "E", ever! Yesterday I received a file from Mary, a graphic from the Covergirl photo shoot. One word - wow.

It's no mystery that I have explained in the past, that there is one thing I want to be remembered for on Stardoll - and, that's my writing. Which brings me right to the point. I have completed my article for the upcoming issue of Eternity Magazine. I personally think that it consists of some of my best work. I also think that it is quite controversial, however, it does not relate to everyone. If it does cause a stir, I know that I wrote it for a reason - with reason, so obviously I will be able to back myself up.

Until next time, Tyler

February 8, 2010

Non Fashion- Judy Garland

Almost everyone recognizes the chords of the magical song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and they can easily tell you that the song had its debut in the film The Wizard of Oz. More can tell you that the famous ruby red slippers were donned by Judy Garland portraying the character of Dorothy Gale. The character of Dorothy was one of beautiful innocence and immersed herself completely within the fantasy land of Oz. However Judy's life was anything but fantasy; it was one filled with heartbreak and pain. Eventually, after enduring several years of sadness, she found a fleeting happiness and peace.

Judy was born in 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The roaring twenties provided fame to many hopefuls and Hollywood was pumping out movies right and left. Judy's parents dreamed that their three daughters would find fame, so they packed up and moved to California. However, it was only Judy who succeeded when the family got there. She quickly impressed the executives at MGM with her quick humor, and her mature voice. They cast her in many mini-musicals until she finally landed the role that would make her a legend in movie history. Despite the movie becoming very well-known, even today, when it premiered in 1939 it was a box-office flop, a fact that greatly discouraged Judy. This lack of self confidence, combined with the fact that her short stature showed any weight she gained, led her to troubles with MGM, pills, and depression: in the end this pathway ultimatley contributed to her demise.

Although she is most well-known for her role in The Wizard of Oz, Judy made many other movies under the MGM label including Meet Me in St. Louis, in which the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" premiered, and Easter Parade. When her health started to deteriorate she eventually stopped making films and focused on performing in concert at the London Palladium and the Palace. Her powerful voice commanded the audiences attention and rang throughout the huge halls of loving fans. It was said many times by an innumerable amount of fans that seeing Judy perform live was a breathtaking and memorable experience.

Despite having a tremendously successful career her personal life was rocky. Judy was married five times, divorced four times, and eventually had three children: Liza Minnelli, Lorna and Joey Luft. Throughout the years she struggled with her weight and became addicted to perscription pills. She was plagued by financial instability throughout her life and made atleast one suicide attempt. Her life of stress and depresssion, combined with her addiction, lead her to an early death: she passed away on June 22, 1969 at the young age of 47.

Although Judy struggled throughout her life she left a legacy that will not be soon forgotten. Her legacy continues with an upcoming movie of her life in the works and Anne Hathaway has been slated to portray Judy herself. Even today, decades after her death, Judy is still known for her tremendous voice, gorgeous looks and fantastic style. She had a special talent of making the world feel good, through both her personality and her voice, even when she was struggling. This trait is rare in today's world and it is the reason that even today Judy is remembered, honored, and loved.

February 7, 2010

Own Choice of Article - Goal Achieving

Are you dying to do something you've never done before, or perhaps achieve your goals or fulfill your dreams, like becoming a successful artiste or making your mark in the fashion industry? Whether you're old or young, you can start achieving your goals in life one at a time, and live life healthily and happily, before you die.

1. Make a Dream Album
Instead of jotting down all your goals on paper, why not make a Dream Album? Collage over something, like a magazine, and write down all your goals in it, and include pictures to make it extra special. And you may include old photographs or hand-written letters which means a lot to you. Slowly start accomplishing them, one at a time, and the good thing about it is that you can always look back and smile at the pictures, and all the dreams you've wanted to fulfill.

2. Make a Goal Sheet

Another way is by making a sheet, and jot down all the things you want to accomplish, like getting into the fashion industry or to win a Grammy Award. Make little tick boxes next to them, and every time you've accomplished one of your goals, always tick it off the sheet. This is a good way to keep in track of what you've accomplished and what you want to accomplish.

3. Get Rid of your Bad Habits

If you have any bad habits, try to get rid of them, to get a better perspective on new things in life. Think of fun new things to do.

4. Start Afresh, and Leave The Past Behind

Don't ponder over the silly or the bad things you've done in the past. You sometimes have to start afresh when you're on the mission of accomplishing your goals; you have to move on. Get over a breakup, get over a minor thing you'd done: once you move forward, you will be that happy person again.

I hope these tips can inspire you to start fulfilling your dreams, being happy, and living life to its fullest.

"All the things that break you are the things that make you strong. You can't change the past, 'cause it's gone, and you just gonna move on."

The Stardoll Freakshow Awards!!!

Hey everyone! This is just a short post about Tyler's new awards show called ''The Freakshow Awards''. It will debut tomorrow on his blog where he will announce the categories and how to vote. At first this would seem like any normal awards show, the same people winning each time sure, but you will soon come to realise that 2 people have already been chosen for each category, and they aren't people that you would necessarily expect to be chosen either, so it gives everyone a chance at winning. Great, right? Here's the spoiler-

I wonder if you guys know what you're gonna be voting for best magazine yet? :D

February 6, 2010

Non-fashion related

Get healthy means get happy!

Everybody needs some cheering up this time of the year, I can tell you that. A long cold winter really takes it's toll. I will guide you on how to keep your good mood up and do your very best -at any time.

Stop the stress

No matter what you're stressed or worried about, there is ways to get out if it. A good advice is to make a list. Write down questions like 'What am I worried about?' 'Why am I stressed about it?' and finally 'How can I solve it?' .You always think someone else can solve your problems, but you will find out how good you are at doing it yourself! After all, you are the only one who really know how you feel. Being worried and stressed allso takes alot of your energy, taking control of your problems will make your everyday alot easier.

Clean up

Sometimes objects in your real life symbolise your mind. Cleaning up in your room or even your bag, throwing out old things etcetera might be the same as cleaning up in your brain. You feel like you have alot on your mind and if your eyes have a clean space to look at, I can promise you it will be easier to think and focus on the right things.

Just do it

You always have things you have to do, but at the same time they're probably the most boring things you know. Think like this 'When is it hardest?''. Before, during or after you've done something you really don't want to do? Before, right? And if you just get to that point that you start it, no matter what it is (homeworks, cleaning etc.) you're more soon through it! Waiting and doing it later won't make anything better. Just do it.

Sleep tight

Being up too late when school waits in the morning isn't very good. You will not only be very tired the next day but your brain won't work well either. You will not be able to achieve and work hard to reach things if your brain can't work properly. After a good nights sleep you allso become alot happier and alot of things will get easier!

Laugh and be healthy

Being with your friends and family, whatever makes you happy will not only bring you happiness but laughing and enjoying things gives you energy and you will feel better and shine more! Eating healthy and working out as well will sooner or later allso make your life brighter and you will live longer! To make the working out easier, set up a goal! Maybe you want to get in that lovely dress for the summer or look like the bomb in a bikini this summer? When working out, think about your goals and I promise you will get the energy to strive even harder!

Good luck with being and pursuing the very best you, this winter! 

Written by Molly Love

February 5, 2010

Evolution of Style

Have you ever wondered when girls started wearing pants? Who were the designers of the day? We all know that fashion takes wild and crazy twists and turns all the time, but what was it like back in the first half of the 1900's? As you're about to see, a ton has changed.

At the turn of the century ladies wore long skirts and all aimed to have a "Grecian bend" silhouette, mwhich was achieved by corseting the girl's waist and having high waistbands. The ladies wore elaborate, elegant evening gowns that created the image of a delicate, skinny, waist. They also wore huge hats full of flowers and other embellishments. Popular designers from the previous period continued producing collections, including Doucet, Paquin, the Callot Sisters, Redfern, and the house of Worth.

In the roaring twenties women started to show their knees, wear rolled stockings, and also wore dropped waistlines. Ldies cut their hair into bobs, and jackets and vests that were often fringed or beaded. The flapper style of fringed dresses and pinned short hair is iconic of this decade. New designers rose to fame, including Patou, Molyneux, and Le-Long. Schiparelli was introduced, while Lanvin and Poiret continued.

The wartime era brought in a money sensible wardrobe. Jackets and skirts were the rage in the 40's and women curled their hair to their shoulders for a relaxed look. Ladies started to wear wide legged pants for recreation, and long asymmetrical evening gowns at night. Lots of everyday dresses had large hop pockets that later became a fad in the 1950's. Crocodile accessories, platform shoes, and furs were everyday staples. Famous designers were Claire McCardell, Edith Head, Hardy Aimes, and Normal Norell.

The 60's brought the mod movement to fashion. The style of the decad went back to basic featuring simplistic shift dresses with hemlines between mid-thigh and knee length; girls also wore jacket and shirt ensembles. The icon Twiggy had a huge influence on the style and of this period. Space age fashion and tiny shorts were more daring fshion choices. Ladies often went out at night in skimpy dresses and high heels. Op Art inspired dresses were also in style. Desighners such as Yves St. Laurent and Pucci were key.

"Girls just wanna have fun" And boy was that true in the 80's. The decade was full of power suits and polyester. Ladies wore pantsuits, shoulder pads, and wild big hardos. Leggings, stilettos, bangles, and big dorr knocker earrings were iconic of young adults. Designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, and John Galliano were the most important designers of the decade.

Does one of these looks call to you? Well go get the look! The store Decades in the starplaza can be the sourse of all the clothes neede for these looks. The vintage YSL dresses that the Twiggy doll wears are real dresses from the 60's. for the 80's, shop around! Rio can be a great source but almost anything goes! Top off your look with a vintage inspired hairstyle from the medoll styler, and go all out with decade inspired makeup! how groovy can you get?

February 3, 2010

Fashion Article - Running In Stilettos

Stilettos aren't really things of the past in the shoe category; women still wear them wherever they go, and they can be seen on models at fashion shows. They are evolved into a more futuristic and sophisticated design, and are seen on the captivating runways of Alexander McQueen or Nina Ricci. We can compare the stilettos women wear back then to the stilettos models grace on the runways now, and we can easily see the evolution. As the years pass, the level of technology is getting advanced, and fashion is becoming more over-the-top and futuristic.

Alexander McQueen is the first fashion designer who is making stilettos quite evolutionary, creating a whole new era of shoes, which stunned us to silence. I will be presenting two of his shoe creations. First up are his twisted stiletto pumps.

These beauties are believed to be 2 inches shorter than the armadillos, and they won my heart quicker than a pair of expensive Heartbeats. It has such an amazing structure and pattern.

These lust-worthy, almost-impossible-to-walk-in shoes are believed to be the most towering stilettos ever, measuring around 12 inches tall, and are always leaving us with the same question in our heads: "How do the McQueen models strut down the runway in those?"

Other stunning shoe creations include Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin. These shoes are a streak of fashion in the future, and maybe, in 20 years, they will become a trend and your daughters will be walking around in Armadillos, who knows.

February 2, 2010

My 'own' choice of article

Fake Tattoos -Chanel finally made it work

Remember putting on that silly temporary tattoos with weird colorful creatures on and some even looking like real bracelets when you were a kid? They were very childish but you liked them. Though, you grew up and you were sure you would never wear anything like it again. But the world just won't stop surprising you. One of the hottest accessories this spring is, to our big surprise, temporary tattoos! Not just from any fashion house, but Chanel did it, and made it work. Chanel now wants us to grace these lovely fake tattoos on not just our necks, but hands and legs too! Some are confused, some question it and some just think the idea is brilliant. And I agree, it's a bit confusing, you do want to question it, but after all, it's chanel and it is brilliant! 

If nothing goes wrong, the tattoos will be able to purchase in february. The thing is, alot of budget stores will want to copy the idea. But according to me, the whole feeling of it will vanish. The exclusive vibe you get when seeing the Chanel tattoos will be gone, and the silly and childish look of it will return. And we'll think it is as silly as we thought the temporary tattoos we used as kids were. That's my thought. But if you've got the money, got the guts and got the style, there is nothing that can stop you from wearing the exclusive Chanel tattoos this spring! Allso alot other fashion houses and designers like Jean Paul Gautier and Rodarte used fake tattoos on their runway shows this spring, though Chanel stood out, and that's no wonder.

Written by Molly Love (smoothieLove)

E Trial Post!

Hi Everybody!

I'm Hannah (iluvmumble333), and I am one of the E trial workers! I couldn't believe it when Charlotte told me that I was one of the winners. To be honest, when I first saw the post, and what other people had posted as ideas, I didn't think I stood a chance! That's why I'm extremely thrilled to be a part of such a fantastic magazine! It has already proved to be extremely difficult, but I love a challenge. I never knew it took so many people and so much time to put together the virtual masterpiece that we read on It's insane! If everyone has been working as hard as me (which i'm 110% sure of), this issue is going to be the best ever! I can't wait for everyone to read it!

Last of all, I would like to say thanks to Charlotte for having to deal with all my questions and keeping me updated on everything i had to do. :) I'll never forget this experience, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will walk away knowing 5,000 more things than I started with.

I hope you are all as excited as I am!

February 1, 2010

E-trial INFO!

Sure you've all heard about the trial members, well, these past couple of days we've given the E trials a glimpse at what it's like to work for Eternity magazine (without giving anything about this issue away, of course!) and each trial member got given the same task! These tasks were to come up with three different articles - one fashion-related, one non fashion-related, and one more where they can choose whatever topic they wish. I think that the last one was most definitely the toughest, even though they could choose ANYTHING, I guess choice is a tough thing! Anyway, we have decided that they will post their three articles (one at a time) on this blog, so that you, the reader, can judge their articles using a poll! And during the time that they make the article, the votes can be changed! Oh, one more tiny thing, whoever gets the most votes gets to be a PERMANENT member here at E! Oh, maybe that isn't so tiny? :D Get workin', trials!

January 31, 2010

Eternity: SD or Non-Sd Clothes?

Thing is, I can't resist each time when I go on for sample... and mostly, well - perhaps at the moment we have a lot of clothes from designers. Not our fault SD rarely releases something very cool.But I'll try to make up something, probably? I know I promised more SD clothes, but the last normal SD item was HB de la Renta cardi, and no items more. They spoiled McQueen and Balmain dresses! Well, you've seen yourself.

How do you feel about that?

"Change is the Essence of Life"

First of all, my name is Sarah (blueberry-dream on Stardoll), but you can call me whatever you want to call me, as long as it sounds snazzy ;) I am one of the three members in the trial E-team.

I could not explain my feelings when Charlotte told me that I was in the trial team. I was so thrilled at the thought to be working with amazing, fascinating people and to be a part of such a fabulous magazine, but I knew that it was just a trial, and I had no idea what would happen in the future. Mary had me doing tasks, and it was harder than I thought - I had to write articles, change wordings, make sure my article was perfect; I spent tiring, back-stiffening hours on Skype and Microsoft Word.

I finally sent in my article, and a few days after that, Mary told me that it was rejected in the mockup. I was a bit upset, but it was just a practice article, after all. I took Mary and Charlotte's 'words of wisdom' by heart, and I have learnt that being a part of a magazine is more than writing articles and having the perfect graphics. Eternity is much more than that.

See you soon,
Sarah xx.

January 30, 2010

Time for Molly

Some of you might know me and probably most of you might not now me. I'm smoothieLove on stardoll and my real name is Molly. I'm one of the three trials at E right now!

First of all, I'm very excited to be working with such experienced and creative people. That's what E is about, being creative and doing it well, for a fabulous magazine. I haven't been a part of this for a long time at all, but I'm slowly getting it. Now working on some articles and just trying to get the right feeling. Since both Charlotte and Mary told me stuff like 'Don't think, it'll just come' I will believe them, the real stuff just comes, right? Well I bet my time at E, no matter how long it will end up as, will be educational, intresting, fun and very very fashion!
And I might have some cool gossip to tell, when the time is right ;)

Have a great day /Molly

January 28, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Dear diary,

Today, Mary presented me the cover of the upcoming issue of Eternity Magazine. I gasped. When I talked about the last issue, I did talk about it as if it were "gold" - and I meant it. That's how I felt about it. And even though some people portrayed the shoot as trashy, I know that Mary had an artistic vision and not an abandoned one!

Now, once more - I will say that the upcoming issue of "E" is one-hundred times better than the Comeback Issue. It's not as provocative as most people thought the previous issue was. And it stuns me to see that in just little over month, Mary's graphics have improved.

Until next time, Tyler

January 27, 2010

We did it!

Yay for us - over 100 000 views on! Congratulations to everyone, and thank you so much, dedicated readers! I was wonering, if we need to throw a party like that?

Also, some good news about next issue and the trial workers coming soon!

Thank you again,we love you all - haters and fans! Both sides make Eternity bigger :)


Sincerely, Mary :)

January 26, 2010

I've Returned

Yes, it's me - Tyler (Tylerisbold)! You probably all know by now that I quit, here at Eternity Magazine. The reason being was the actuality that I did not want to be caught up in any sort of controversy that I did not belong in. I gave my story regarding the squabble, therefor, I will not go any further on the subject.

I am here to stay, be loyal to the team - and, Mary.

Until next time, Tyler

New Stardoll Haircuts?

Whoa! I simply love them! According to vampire_ they are in SD adds!
Credit for picture:

We Have Our Winners! Trial E-Teamer Update

Hey guys, Charlotte posting here (2nd time, wow!)

I and Mary finally decided who was going in to the trial E-team; it took a little time for people to start applying, but they started pouring in after a couple of days! Though, we did not feel as though many of the entries really… stood out, you know? So we decided to go with the option of 3 people, instead of the original 4 people. These 3 people made their applications stand out, more than anyone else’s because of their amazing and original ideas! The lucky people that we chose for the trial E- team are:




Congratulations, girls! We hope… no, we know that you will enjoy the hectic life of an E – worker for a month, and hope you help us make this issue extra special! Thanks everyone for applying, and stay tuned for more news about E!!!

January 24, 2010

Your Feb Hotbuys Likes?

Yes: Jacket (obv, Balmain!), Dress, Shoes and maybe jeans.
What about you?

January 22, 2010

New Design - Your Sneak Peak to February Issue!

It's almost Spring! Well, at least in fashion :)

You might think we're crazy, but haven't I promiced you we're going to be very fashion forward this time?
Beware of hotness splash! New design of the blog is your hint to the next issue :)

January 17, 2010

Topshop vs H&M

Other than the color turquoise, we should all know that floral designs are back and trendier than ever this year. Spring 2010 is going bold, yet feminine - and I love it! Two of my favorite stores have recently released their newest collections, and I see similarities. Who do you think does it better?

I really love them both, but Topshop takes the prize for me. H&M's take on the flower frenzy is a little mature and woman-ish for me. That's my opinion, though. I like how Topshop's is a darker feel, and I recommend you check out the rest of the collection, it is very Parisian inspired.

That's just a little trend watch for you guys to read, and as I mentioned at the beginning, turquoise is huge! Love love love! 2010 is going to be a stunning year for fashion. It's the start of a new decade, who knows what could happen?

January 15, 2010

Eternity Team: Are you in?


Due to many people are asking me if they can work for E I thought, "why not? give them a chance".
So, here it is - I am picking 4 trial  members to the E team - exclusively, and only for this month. If think you can work without doing anything, or just be there to know E's inside secrets, then I should say you get nothing, cause trial members only get tasks, not get to know who even the CG is.
But if you're a good worker, giving the ideas and making tasks, then you have all the chances to leave in the team for good. When trial turns to permanent. 

What can you do?

Well, go to comments under this post and write 5 ideas for the February issue connected with:
- fashion article (2)
- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
- clothing idea (that's if you want)

Write your SD nickname then, and if you're picked then I orsomeone from the team will message you asap telling you're in!

By the way, you can't participate if you don't have Skype!

Sincerely, Mary

Eternity to have a sponsor Modelling Agency?

Hey there! :)

Some news around!
I've decided to find some active modelling agency to work with Eternity, and if you have one - you can give me a hint in my messages or GuestBook, or comments here.

Want to tell you what this agency I want to be like: 
- Sure thing, it's status of the agency - I mean exclusivity, name and reputation.
- Number of beautiful and stylish models.
- Difference in races - there must be models from all over the worlk, not just Europe and USA (but them too!) . The same with skintones.
- Fashion Sense and Style of the Agency's owner - you represent what you have here.
- Activity o the agency.
- Reliability.
- Would be great for owner to have Skype.

Why we search for one: 
This isn't immediately or what, but I want to be safe with models here - when you have someone in your agency, you know something about her, right? If I am searching a model just surfing Stardoll - me and my Team waste a lot of time without any guaranty. Also, I am interested in showing new faces - and if they've entered the agency, means they are worth to be in the magazine!

For more news, just message me :)

Sincerely, Mary

January 12, 2010

January 11, 2010

Eternity Magazine @ Facebook

I've finally decided to log in my facebook page, and thought that would be good to have a Facebook Eternity magazine community!

We have a lot of advantages there- you can discuss everything, tell your opinion, ideas, and get little updates all the time through status thing!

Fan us here : ETERNITY Facebook

Sincerely, Mary

January 9, 2010

Eternity February: Reveals

First of, thanks guys for the drama! We've got so much views, wow! The issue went... success, even through the controversy, we've filtered so much... people from E-Team's social circle. It's just I doubt we like someone who is following the crowd opinions. And when another crowd, which is bigger than the first one, thinks opposite, they follow the largest one. I know, sounds mean, but that's true.

Anyways, about the February issue.

Some parts I can already reveal:

- As it was said on the Eternity Conference, we used to want having a lot of covergirls in Feb, but I doubt that will happen now. Thing is, we've changed the theme, to the way better one and Vanity Fair inspired one will be... later :) no information on which issue will it be, but.. the idea is made :)
- More Stardoll clothes.
- Very Fashion Forward. Let's talk Spring-Summer already! :)

So, all by now.

Sincerely, Mary

January 7, 2010

Eternity January Cover Shoot

Mary is here, back to the internet scene. First of all - sorry I wasn't there, at Eternity Mag's release party - I had this lucky thing for my inet to turn off at 0:01am, 3d of January. But oh well, I went to my friend's house next day to upload the pictures.

Today, my brother finally set everything up and I got connected again. Went to my blogger, and saw the news on E. First, it was a positive opinion, it is just because I never read what Kasia said cause I thought it was random posts, and I wanted to see what's on with E. In a few minutes I've realized that wow - we caused so much drama for 2 days! I'd like to explain the nude shoot of Melanie Bookson on the cover, how she agreed and why we've done that.

1. It wasn't done without Melanie's permission. She agreed to be a CoverGirl.
2. Melanie wanted to be naked. She didn't want to wear fur, because she told it was "ghetto". It was nothing against nudity in the Skype chat, Mel liked it. Too bad the history is on my Mac. At first she disliked the fur idea, but Dora showed her naked Campbell in fur, and she agreed in a second. By the way, notice that her appereance in "D" magazine only in lingerie never caused so much drama, because Melanie agreed to be naked there too. So don't go telling that E is such a perv, using 15 year old girl.
3. In the interview, Lorie mentions that it is "faux fur", so stop the huge realfurcontroversy talk. And by the way - have you totally forgot we're on Stardoll and the fur was drawn by my hands?
4. I bet you've seen tons of people - your role models, celebrities and stuff - naked in shoots. Are you really offended? I mean, I don't even get it - you guys are what - ashamed of being human? You were born naked, not in Chanel dresses, so don't offend yourself. Or if you want so - go to shower and scream "OMG! I offend myself now!!!"
5. Melanie was never shown as a prostitute. Nudity is shown as Art in Eternity, because Fashion is Art and Eternity is Fashion. And by the way - go and take all the clothes from Mel's doll on SD right now. And you know what? You'l see more there, then on Eternity pages! :)
6. It is a virtual magazine.

I think I've explained everything normally. You just need to understand that no one fooled Melanie or something, she agreed herself. Just get over it. Oh no, don't get over it. "You're nothing until you are talked about", remember? :)

Also, I will fix some errors with the graphics, and Caroline's surname soon. It's just I had no internet.

Thank you for reading!
P.S. February issue spoiler is coming soon!

Sincerely, Mary

January 6, 2010

What's happened lately!

Hello everyone, Charlotte posting here, and it seems as though this is my first post!!

I just really wanted to talk about what has happened with things Mary not being online, opinions on the shoots and cover of Mel, Tyler quitting… all that jazz.

So, you all know that Mary has not been able to get online because of her internet going down – nothing she can help at all, we will just have to wait for her internet to be fixed. To the people that are saying all these things, about how Mel is not being portrayed as herself, I’d like to say that I think that magazines aren't really meant to represent the model, but as they are the magazines muse they should represent what the magazine wants them to since aren’t models meant to change for whatever product they are advertising? It’s sort of the same for this… just my opinion. I wasn't in the E chat when Mel was online with Mary and the other members of the team, so I don't even know the full extent of what was said or whatever, it wasn't anything bad and Tyler wasn't being manipulative, neither did they have to fight to get her to agree to the shoots and cover. Mel thought that fur was ''ghetto'' so she didn't really want to go through with the faux fur concept, but after Mary said it was all about luxury, and when Dora showed her a picture of Naomi Campbell nude wearing a fur jacket she agreed, so we just went from that.

I’d also like to comment on Tyler quitting. Tyler - I know that you won't really be here this week due to school, but; I think it would have been a bit nicer if you vould have waited until Mary got back to quit, and if you couldn't have done it publicly... whatever thought, your choice. :)

That’s all I have to really say for now… x

January 5, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

My last Eternity log to make things more clear... I was thrilled when I found out that Mary had been able to get online and release the comeback issue of Eternity Magazine. I was even more relieved that nothing too serious had happened to her, but then I come to find out about these horrible comments Kaisa (UndamyUmbrellla) had left in my guestbook:

First of all, Kasia - I do not own Eternity Magazine. Nor do I have an actual say as to what contents Mary puts inside of it. I give ideas, sure - but it definitely does not mean that Mary is going to use them. It was Mel's decision if she wanted to be portrayed this way or not. She knew how she would look on the cover and throughout the spread, could she not have said no to all of this?

Oh, and another thing. I did not neglect to noticed that Mary "forgot" to add my name to the "team members" section of the magazine! So therefor, would that even make me a staff member to begin with... ? For my appearance and reputation I have decided to quit my position here at Eternity Magazine. As if I was even apart of it, eh?