February 9, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Some time has gone by since I last wrote one of these, I feel a little rusty. Hi, my fellow Eternity readers! It's me here: Tyler. The release of Eternity Magazine is getting closer and might I just add that this IS the best issue of "E", ever! Yesterday I received a file from Mary, a graphic from the Covergirl photo shoot. One word - wow.

It's no mystery that I have explained in the past, that there is one thing I want to be remembered for on Stardoll - and, that's my writing. Which brings me right to the point. I have completed my article for the upcoming issue of Eternity Magazine. I personally think that it consists of some of my best work. I also think that it is quite controversial, however, it does not relate to everyone. If it does cause a stir, I know that I wrote it for a reason - with reason, so obviously I will be able to back myself up.

Until next time, Tyler