February 1, 2010

E-trial INFO!

Sure you've all heard about the trial members, well, these past couple of days we've given the E trials a glimpse at what it's like to work for Eternity magazine (without giving anything about this issue away, of course!) and each trial member got given the same task! These tasks were to come up with three different articles - one fashion-related, one non fashion-related, and one more where they can choose whatever topic they wish. I think that the last one was most definitely the toughest, even though they could choose ANYTHING, I guess choice is a tough thing! Anyway, we have decided that they will post their three articles (one at a time) on this blog, so that you, the reader, can judge their articles using a poll! And during the time that they make the article, the votes can be changed! Oh, one more tiny thing, whoever gets the most votes gets to be a PERMANENT member here at E! Oh, maybe that isn't so tiny? :D Get workin', trials!