February 11, 2010

Choice Article - Girls Around the World

Many people dream of vacationing in gorgeous tropical locations, with miles of endless beaches, and exotic foods and people. But what is it like to live in one of the dream vacation places? Vasia, Eve, and Nicole are here to give us a little idea.
One of the most serene and gorgeous countries on earth happens to be Greece. Many girls from stardoll live there, one of them being Vasia (Vasia28). Vasia is 14 and speaks the native greek language. She personally loves Greece because the history is extremely rich, and the Olympics originated there. Part of Greek history involves mythology and Gods, such as Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite. Greece has the tenth longest coastline in the world. Oh, and kids there don't wear sandals and togos. Vasia says right now the kids in her school wear brands like DC, Roxy, Quicksilver, and element. They love to hang out with friends and listen to music! Vasia says if you visit Greece, you will never forget the beautiful country that's waiting for you!

Thousands of miles away in the country of New Zealand lives Eve (evie_is_Kool). She is 13 and speaks English, and even a little bit of the native Maori. She believes that the best part of her country is the beautiful country side, the beaches, and the weather. New Zealand has very diverse wildlife, and the people are laid back and and calm. Eve says the kids at her school wear ripped shorts, black or white converse, and baggy shirts. When Eve isn't dancing, she is swimming in her pool or at the beach, or just relaxing with friends. So whether your interested in wildlife, or just relaxing on the beach, New Zealand has something for everyone!

Deep in the Southern Hemisphere is the country of Brazil, where Nicole (tcholas93) lives. Brazil is a country filled with culture and a strong sense of heritage. Nicole is 16 and speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Some of her favorite parts about where she lives is the music, the ethnic food, and the fantastic landscape and views. There is also fantatic diversity amoung people and culture, as well as amazing cities, wildlife, beaches, and biodiversity. The clothes trends there are black stockings, ankle boots, studded clothes, fringed clothes, metalic details, and flowy blouses; many of which were featured in Sao Paulo Fashion Week. In her spare time Nicole likes to go to the beaches, tourist places, the mall, cinema, parks, clubs, restaurants, bars, and she also loves to to go hiking. A perfect time to go to Brazil will be in 2016, when the city of Rio de Janeiro will host the summer Olympics!
As you can probably see, although these girls live in completely different places than you or I, they all share one thing: They are proud of where they live, and they have the same interests as you or I. If you can't visit these places, meet someone on Stardoll from one of your dream locations, and ask them what it's like! They can give you the insight on what their country is really like, and it will you give you a greater understanding of the fantastic planet we live on!


Fatimuchi said...

:D I loved this post :)
I would love to go to Greece... :P

ADJAJA/Anna said...

I agree with Fatimuchi. Greek food is my favorite out of all of the different cultures' foods.