February 5, 2010

Evolution of Style

Have you ever wondered when girls started wearing pants? Who were the designers of the day? We all know that fashion takes wild and crazy twists and turns all the time, but what was it like back in the first half of the 1900's? As you're about to see, a ton has changed.

At the turn of the century ladies wore long skirts and all aimed to have a "Grecian bend" silhouette, mwhich was achieved by corseting the girl's waist and having high waistbands. The ladies wore elaborate, elegant evening gowns that created the image of a delicate, skinny, waist. They also wore huge hats full of flowers and other embellishments. Popular designers from the previous period continued producing collections, including Doucet, Paquin, the Callot Sisters, Redfern, and the house of Worth.

In the roaring twenties women started to show their knees, wear rolled stockings, and also wore dropped waistlines. Ldies cut their hair into bobs, and jackets and vests that were often fringed or beaded. The flapper style of fringed dresses and pinned short hair is iconic of this decade. New designers rose to fame, including Patou, Molyneux, and Le-Long. Schiparelli was introduced, while Lanvin and Poiret continued.

The wartime era brought in a money sensible wardrobe. Jackets and skirts were the rage in the 40's and women curled their hair to their shoulders for a relaxed look. Ladies started to wear wide legged pants for recreation, and long asymmetrical evening gowns at night. Lots of everyday dresses had large hop pockets that later became a fad in the 1950's. Crocodile accessories, platform shoes, and furs were everyday staples. Famous designers were Claire McCardell, Edith Head, Hardy Aimes, and Normal Norell.

The 60's brought the mod movement to fashion. The style of the decad went back to basic featuring simplistic shift dresses with hemlines between mid-thigh and knee length; girls also wore jacket and shirt ensembles. The icon Twiggy had a huge influence on the style and of this period. Space age fashion and tiny shorts were more daring fshion choices. Ladies often went out at night in skimpy dresses and high heels. Op Art inspired dresses were also in style. Desighners such as Yves St. Laurent and Pucci were key.

"Girls just wanna have fun" And boy was that true in the 80's. The decade was full of power suits and polyester. Ladies wore pantsuits, shoulder pads, and wild big hardos. Leggings, stilettos, bangles, and big dorr knocker earrings were iconic of young adults. Designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, and John Galliano were the most important designers of the decade.

Does one of these looks call to you? Well go get the look! The store Decades in the starplaza can be the sourse of all the clothes neede for these looks. The vintage YSL dresses that the Twiggy doll wears are real dresses from the 60's. for the 80's, shop around! Rio can be a great source but almost anything goes! Top off your look with a vintage inspired hairstyle from the medoll styler, and go all out with decade inspired makeup! how groovy can you get?


Mia said...

It's nice, but I just wish that you would have included the 50s, as it is one of the most inspirational and legendary decades of fashion and style.

smoothielove said...

Oh..so you were supposed to do long articles?
I'm *** screwed.... you did an awsome job ;)

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Amazing! Amazing!

iluvmumble333 said...

i was going to do that, but i didnt want to make it too long.
I agree! The 50's were spectacular!