February 6, 2010

Non-fashion related

Get healthy means get happy!

Everybody needs some cheering up this time of the year, I can tell you that. A long cold winter really takes it's toll. I will guide you on how to keep your good mood up and do your very best -at any time.

Stop the stress

No matter what you're stressed or worried about, there is ways to get out if it. A good advice is to make a list. Write down questions like 'What am I worried about?' 'Why am I stressed about it?' and finally 'How can I solve it?' .You always think someone else can solve your problems, but you will find out how good you are at doing it yourself! After all, you are the only one who really know how you feel. Being worried and stressed allso takes alot of your energy, taking control of your problems will make your everyday alot easier.

Clean up

Sometimes objects in your real life symbolise your mind. Cleaning up in your room or even your bag, throwing out old things etcetera might be the same as cleaning up in your brain. You feel like you have alot on your mind and if your eyes have a clean space to look at, I can promise you it will be easier to think and focus on the right things.

Just do it

You always have things you have to do, but at the same time they're probably the most boring things you know. Think like this 'When is it hardest?''. Before, during or after you've done something you really don't want to do? Before, right? And if you just get to that point that you start it, no matter what it is (homeworks, cleaning etc.) you're more soon through it! Waiting and doing it later won't make anything better. Just do it.

Sleep tight

Being up too late when school waits in the morning isn't very good. You will not only be very tired the next day but your brain won't work well either. You will not be able to achieve and work hard to reach things if your brain can't work properly. After a good nights sleep you allso become alot happier and alot of things will get easier!

Laugh and be healthy

Being with your friends and family, whatever makes you happy will not only bring you happiness but laughing and enjoying things gives you energy and you will feel better and shine more! Eating healthy and working out as well will sooner or later allso make your life brighter and you will live longer! To make the working out easier, set up a goal! Maybe you want to get in that lovely dress for the summer or look like the bomb in a bikini this summer? When working out, think about your goals and I promise you will get the energy to strive even harder!

Good luck with being and pursuing the very best you, this winter! 

Written by Molly Love


ADJAJA/Anna said...

I liked this article a lot! Thanks for the tips also.

smoothielove said...

Thank you! :-)