February 2, 2010

My 'own' choice of article

Fake Tattoos -Chanel finally made it work

Remember putting on that silly temporary tattoos with weird colorful creatures on and some even looking like real bracelets when you were a kid? They were very childish but you liked them. Though, you grew up and you were sure you would never wear anything like it again. But the world just won't stop surprising you. One of the hottest accessories this spring is, to our big surprise, temporary tattoos! Not just from any fashion house, but Chanel did it, and made it work. Chanel now wants us to grace these lovely fake tattoos on not just our necks, but hands and legs too! Some are confused, some question it and some just think the idea is brilliant. And I agree, it's a bit confusing, you do want to question it, but after all, it's chanel and it is brilliant! 

If nothing goes wrong, the tattoos will be able to purchase in february. The thing is, alot of budget stores will want to copy the idea. But according to me, the whole feeling of it will vanish. The exclusive vibe you get when seeing the Chanel tattoos will be gone, and the silly and childish look of it will return. And we'll think it is as silly as we thought the temporary tattoos we used as kids were. That's my thought. But if you've got the money, got the guts and got the style, there is nothing that can stop you from wearing the exclusive Chanel tattoos this spring! Allso alot other fashion houses and designers like Jean Paul Gautier and Rodarte used fake tattoos on their runway shows this spring, though Chanel stood out, and that's no wonder.

Written by Molly Love (smoothieLove)


Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

luv it! although somewhere in the middle i lost it and it just stopped making sense but over all, great!

iluvmumble333 said...
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Christina Lake said...

Great article.

Personally, I wouldn't pay around 80 dollars for a some temporary ink, but that is way cheap for Chanel, right!

ADJAJA/Anna said...

I have always loved temporary tattoos and am happy to see them becoming more popular!

By the way I liked your article but it's just one huge paragraph; maybe you should split it up a bit.

smoothielove said...

Thanks and yes I know..But it's so short so I thought it would look...longer xD hah.

stargrl_999 said...