December 31, 2009

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Eternity has advanced throughout its issues, I must say. And in all categories at that. Better graphics, better fashion. I think it is safe to say that after Eternity Magazine's lengthy break, it is all grown up. Mary has set very high standards for this comeback issue, and being the owner she made sure that they became a reality. When I recently looked over a few of the finished photo shoots, I noticed that Mary's graphics have improved tremendously since the debut issue. Making the "new" Eternity almost unrecognizable from the old.

This may sound a bit confusing, but Eternity Magazine is not the same "E" you are used to. Lets just say... It's a whole new magazine - named Eternity. And of course, I mean this in a completely good way. To take a basic concept and reconstruct it into something new, always fascinates me. Anyway, I realize that I am uncontrollably rambling on now. But then again, I guess that is the whole point of these posts. To give you my brainwork about Eternity, in words.

Now, yesterday was the "Eternity V.I.P. Press Conference". And not to get into too much detail, but I love how original that idea actually is. I was not personally at this conference, however, I am apart of the "E" team so I knew all about what was going on. When the conference was over, all the "bloggers" that attended immediately updated their blogs. This really got me thinking about how much power Eternity Magazine has. Not to mention, Mary!

With all this hype created, there is no doubt that this issue will be a success. And I know that if it takes a ton off my shoulders, then I can only imagine how Mary must feel.

Until next time, Tyler

We're everywhere you follow! E-Conference News.

Wohoo! We're done with the pre-January Issue Eternity VIP bloggers conference- and voila! First experience ;)
I would like to point out that next times I won't host it on the "parties" thing - we've had no ides that the letter amound is very very limited! So, congratulations - next press meetings are going to be bigger!
But, since it's the first time, we needed this practice to show that's a pretty fabulous idea, on which i put my patent on SD! :D Don't forget, copiers! :)

So, the conference went well, only Dan was asleep in RL and did not attend but I allowed him to ask questions if he wants, by messages.

Also, we've released this spoiler:


December 29, 2009

Eternity Magazine VIP Press Conference

30th Of December Eternity Magazine Team is making a Press Conference hosted in the SD Parties Add-on - for everyone to have more confortable chat, than if we would have it in Guest Book. And as you can invite only 10 guests, we've decided to get only the most popular and important blogs to interview me and staff strictly about the magazine and and the new issue, sorry if you weren't there!

List of Blogs:

- Perez Hilton Of Stardoll
- Haus Of Sin
- Cosmic Fever Of Stardoll
- The Star Dose
- Stardoll's Most Wanted

All questions are going to be answered, except of the Cover Girl persona and what articles are involved- we still want to keep main things in surprise!
At the end of the conferention members get an exclusive spoiler as a gift.

P.S. The Conference to start at 7 PM GMT!
Sincerely, Mary

December 28, 2009

Eternity wins the Fame Awards!

On the other news, we're glad to announce that on 27th of December ETERNITY won the upcoming top awards on Stardoll - The Fame Awards! (click) 

We've got two categories:

'Préférés Magazine' Award (Your favourite stardoll magazine) -

Eternity Magazine

The 'OBSESSED' Award (Your favourite idea/person of December) -
Eternity Magazine & Team

I think I should congratulate my Stardoll family - The E-Team and also thank everyone for voting! I mean, we've published out issue a year ago, and we're still there! I really hope that we won't dissapoint you with the new "E"! 

Thank You!

Sincerely, Mary

Release Date

Some news are up!

So, everyone is interesting in the release date of the Comeback issue - I think it's time to announce it!

Issue is nearly done, so me and the Team think the release party is somewhere 1-5 of January. Why aren't we sure? Well, We need to get everything perfect for the huge Comeback, right?

So, be ready to attend the party somewhere in the very beggining of Jan!

P.S. Everything is amazing so far! :)

Sincerely, Mary

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Enough! Stop listening to what gossip websites say about Eternity Magazine. It's time you get real news, from the real team members. Wow, what an interesting and rude entrance - I'm sorry. I just got so excited when I found out that I could actually, personally feed you the news on "E". The making, the process.

Being a worker here at Eternity Magazine is everything I could wish for. The atmosphere is just so refreshing, the team is like my family. When we go through ideas, I find it so intriguing that we all create the same vision. It may not be exactly the same - but the same concept. If that makes any sense. And I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are all alike. We know what we want and we work to get it just right. For you, the reader.

As the comeback issue is titled "Wild Winter", there's no doubt that I cannot say it is not wild. And then, of course... That little splash of winter fun! I honestly could not think of a better theme myself - and, at such a great time of the year. I actually looked over a few graphics with Mary earlier and I became mesmerized by what I genuinely think is her best graphic work yet. Although she has been away from the magazine scene for quite some time, Mary never fails to impress the Stardoll community.

And as this update comes to a closing, I do have a few things left to say. Eternity Magazine is back and in full force. With our fabulous "Comeback Covergirl" greasing it up next to some flawless pearls, this upcoming issue mustn't be left unnoticed. And I know it will not. You best start to anticipate. The release of Eternity, the "Comeback Issue" is right around the corner!

Until next time, Tyler

Eternity Official!

Greetings on Official ETERNITY© magazine blog! 

Finally, you get the news straight from the Team members, as they go. You are "in" the process of making the magazine. 

Here you can tell your opinions, ideas, complains - and I promice me and the Team will try and fix the problems, adding and updating the magazine as long as you want this. The magazine was made for the reader. 

The Blog opened today!  We're waiting for your comments. 

Sincerely, Mary Semenchenko.