December 28, 2009

Tyler: My Eternity Log

Enough! Stop listening to what gossip websites say about Eternity Magazine. It's time you get real news, from the real team members. Wow, what an interesting and rude entrance - I'm sorry. I just got so excited when I found out that I could actually, personally feed you the news on "E". The making, the process.

Being a worker here at Eternity Magazine is everything I could wish for. The atmosphere is just so refreshing, the team is like my family. When we go through ideas, I find it so intriguing that we all create the same vision. It may not be exactly the same - but the same concept. If that makes any sense. And I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are all alike. We know what we want and we work to get it just right. For you, the reader.

As the comeback issue is titled "Wild Winter", there's no doubt that I cannot say it is not wild. And then, of course... That little splash of winter fun! I honestly could not think of a better theme myself - and, at such a great time of the year. I actually looked over a few graphics with Mary earlier and I became mesmerized by what I genuinely think is her best graphic work yet. Although she has been away from the magazine scene for quite some time, Mary never fails to impress the Stardoll community.

And as this update comes to a closing, I do have a few things left to say. Eternity Magazine is back and in full force. With our fabulous "Comeback Covergirl" greasing it up next to some flawless pearls, this upcoming issue mustn't be left unnoticed. And I know it will not. You best start to anticipate. The release of Eternity, the "Comeback Issue" is right around the corner!

Until next time, Tyler


Anonymous said...

The covergirl is Perez

Mary said...

;O How did you guess?

Anonymous said...

i didn't guess, one of ur staff members told me. they also leaked me one of the graphics.

Wooldoor said...

ooh, i pick the person who does them all... who was that
and is this anonymous person Mika by any chance? It kinda feels like it lolx

Mary said...

haha, who cares? it knows nothing, cause this isn't true, anyways!