December 29, 2009

Eternity Magazine VIP Press Conference

30th Of December Eternity Magazine Team is making a Press Conference hosted in the SD Parties Add-on - for everyone to have more confortable chat, than if we would have it in Guest Book. And as you can invite only 10 guests, we've decided to get only the most popular and important blogs to interview me and staff strictly about the magazine and and the new issue, sorry if you weren't there!

List of Blogs:

- Perez Hilton Of Stardoll
- Haus Of Sin
- Cosmic Fever Of Stardoll
- The Star Dose
- Stardoll's Most Wanted

All questions are going to be answered, except of the Cover Girl persona and what articles are involved- we still want to keep main things in surprise!
At the end of the conferention members get an exclusive spoiler as a gift.

P.S. The Conference to start at 7 PM GMT!
Sincerely, Mary