December 28, 2009

Eternity wins the Fame Awards!

On the other news, we're glad to announce that on 27th of December ETERNITY won the upcoming top awards on Stardoll - The Fame Awards! (click) 

We've got two categories:

'Préférés Magazine' Award (Your favourite stardoll magazine) -

Eternity Magazine

The 'OBSESSED' Award (Your favourite idea/person of December) -
Eternity Magazine & Team

I think I should congratulate my Stardoll family - The E-Team and also thank everyone for voting! I mean, we've published out issue a year ago, and we're still there! I really hope that we won't dissapoint you with the new "E"! 

Thank You!

Sincerely, Mary


Christina Lake said...

Thank you for featuring the awards here, congratulations on winning, you all deserved it and im very excited about the release of eternity! ♥

Anonymous said...

The covergirl is Perez