December 31, 2009

We're everywhere you follow! E-Conference News.

Wohoo! We're done with the pre-January Issue Eternity VIP bloggers conference- and voila! First experience ;)
I would like to point out that next times I won't host it on the "parties" thing - we've had no ides that the letter amound is very very limited! So, congratulations - next press meetings are going to be bigger!
But, since it's the first time, we needed this practice to show that's a pretty fabulous idea, on which i put my patent on SD! :D Don't forget, copiers! :)

So, the conference went well, only Dan was asleep in RL and did not attend but I allowed him to ask questions if he wants, by messages.

Also, we've released this spoiler:



Livvy said...

Soooo excited...that spoiler is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

FUCK thats boring...

Nicole aka. Nikis-Girl said...

fantastic! love it!

Anonymous said...