February 7, 2010

The Stardoll Freakshow Awards!!!

Hey everyone! This is just a short post about Tyler's new awards show called ''The Freakshow Awards''. It will debut tomorrow on his blog where he will announce the categories and how to vote. At first this would seem like any normal awards show, the same people winning each time sure, but you will soon come to realise that 2 people have already been chosen for each category, and they aren't people that you would necessarily expect to be chosen either, so it gives everyone a chance at winning. Great, right? Here's the spoiler-

I wonder if you guys know what you're gonna be voting for best magazine yet? :D


Rei@blueberry-dream said...

genius idea :D i hope I can be nominated, lol XD
i like the spoiler, the categories are written faintly on the background, right?

smoothielove said...

I think it sounds awsome! :D

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Cool idea. Can't wait to vote!