February 9, 2010

Fashion related

Do it the sporty way

Athletes are not often fashionistas, we know that. But for you fashionistas, it's time to be half an athlete and half a fashion freak. That's what one of the big spring trends are about -Sporty fashion! The spring collections 2010 has shown us clothes  inspired by tennis, basket ball, american football, skating, surfing and alot more and sports just keep influence designers in a good way. Big colorful patterns, sweat pants, loose tops and cool jackets will make you look both a bit sporty and chic at the same time this spring. And who said high heels wasen't sporty? On the runway, anything works! 

Designers to be inspired by for this trend is mainly Pucci (Who's very know for sporty but yet fashionable clothes), Hermès (Who made alot of tennis inspired items this season), Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Alexander Wang among others. To get the very perfect sporty look, the accesories are a big deal. Small colorful clutches and leather fringed totes are bags to go for. Sweat bands were allso seen on the runways. Don't forget to get inspired by the 80's, flashdance, neon colors, great beats and dance moves! If you're already a sporty girl, this look will -hopefully- fit you like a glove! 

Now how to pull it off in your everyday life?

Start with a pair of pants, or skirt (Of course depending on the temperature outside!) Go for bold colors like purple and bright blue OR go for the more sophisticated looks with either black and white or beige sheer garmints. If you choose to wear pants with alot of pattern it's better to go for a one colored top. Choose a big loose fitted short sleeved shirt or top if wearing tight pants and vice versa. The trick is to find the right balans in your outfits. If you feel like wearing a dress go for a pretty tight one with a bold pattern and even long sleeves, like the Pucci one to the right.

The accessories says it all

As I said before, why wouldn't high heels be sporty? High heeled sandals are way hot this spring, of course whenever the wheater allows you to wear them. Blue, brown or black, go for quite simple yet high sandals. Never forget your clutch or bag though! Match your clutch/tote/bag with your shoes and not with your outfit, you'll look way more trendy! If you really feel like going for the 'tennis' look, use a headband! Hèrmes and Lacoste showed us some great ones this spring.

Don't forget the leather

Tight black leather pants, either short or long are allso a trend that goes the sporty way. Match them with a big basketball shirt or a sheer allmost see-through top.

Work that face

To really complete your look use bold colored eyeshadows and blushes. It's not about blending in, it's about being chic, sporty and standing out! Let your lips still be natural though, you still don't want it to be too much, right? Now just one more thing, don't ever forget the shades!

By Molly Love


ADJAJA/Anna said...

This article sounds like it came from Teen Vogue! Very nice job!

I guess I would be considered "sporty," as I love running, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and softball, so this article really influenced, and will influence me!

smoothielove said...

Oh wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much ;)