February 13, 2010

It's magic

I've realized my competitors are so good. They write about awsome and amazing things and they do it well. I'm really a beginner at writing, I'm more of a graphic maker, designer, stylist and you know that kind of things. Though when you write and you really get into it -it's so fun! It's amazing when you're writing down your thoughts, making them able for others and you just know they'll love it. I'd like to call that magic, it's the same with great performers that one minute before the show starts, they just know that they're about to do something historical -and does it.

I appreciate every little vote I've gotten here on the blog. Thank-you. Even though I'm not at the top I feel pretty proud. I did write three articles that I was pretty happy with and I did do my job, mostly I'm proud to be a trial at Eternity, it's a great opportunity, really. I still have time to impress you guys though! I believe nothing is impossible and if you want something really really bad, and you know in your heart that you can do it, there is nothing in the world to stop you from getting it!

Moving on to something else.. "All good things come to and end" that's what Nelly Furtado easily sang once right? I guess it's true. Lee Alexander McQueen took his life, it's shocking, unbelievable and the fashion world misses him deeply. He really did amazing things, I'd like to call his creations magic too. Rest in peace, his art will never be forgotten. It's sad to see anyone pass away, but you're so shocked when it's an icon. You somehow think they'll live forever.

Just a final thing, www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g9aVwRenVg
I know Michael's smiling, wherever he is.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow! 
(Actually V-day is my B-day!)



ADJAJA/Anna said...

Happy early birthday :]

smoothielove said...

Thank you and thanks for commenting so much :) <3