February 3, 2010

Fashion Article - Running In Stilettos

Stilettos aren't really things of the past in the shoe category; women still wear them wherever they go, and they can be seen on models at fashion shows. They are evolved into a more futuristic and sophisticated design, and are seen on the captivating runways of Alexander McQueen or Nina Ricci. We can compare the stilettos women wear back then to the stilettos models grace on the runways now, and we can easily see the evolution. As the years pass, the level of technology is getting advanced, and fashion is becoming more over-the-top and futuristic.

Alexander McQueen is the first fashion designer who is making stilettos quite evolutionary, creating a whole new era of shoes, which stunned us to silence. I will be presenting two of his shoe creations. First up are his twisted stiletto pumps.

These beauties are believed to be 2 inches shorter than the armadillos, and they won my heart quicker than a pair of expensive Heartbeats. It has such an amazing structure and pattern.

These lust-worthy, almost-impossible-to-walk-in shoes are believed to be the most towering stilettos ever, measuring around 12 inches tall, and are always leaving us with the same question in our heads: "How do the McQueen models strut down the runway in those?"

Other stunning shoe creations include Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin. These shoes are a streak of fashion in the future, and maybe, in 20 years, they will become a trend and your daughters will be walking around in Armadillos, who knows.


Mia said...

I'd be fun to even try to walk in those!

shanelrouge- said...

I would love to be 12 inches taller. :)

ADJAJA/Anna said...

I agree, even ten inches would be great! Then I could finally be taller than my boyfriend!

stargrl_999 said...

Great article Rah Rah Sa-Rah Rah! :D
I'm loving the heels ;D