February 10, 2010

Own Choice of Article - Urban Techno

This 2010, urban-themed colors and techno colors have decided to team up together and be the next make-up trend that will send people from all around the world flying. Eventually, their little plan worked. This trend is now seen on models gracing glossy catwalks in certain fashion shows, and in the future, they will dominate almost everyone and everything in the fashion world.

To get the look, one must play up the eyes; use an urban-inspired colored eyeshadow, and use a bright, eye-catching color for the eye-pencil (to give that sort of metallic look) to complement the eyeshadow. Then, blend two lip colors together, and apply lip gloss in the center of the lips to give that occasional shine.
Urban Techno is a very futuristic, suiting trend, which involves two categories of colors - urban colors and techno colors - coming together, and creating the new craze. Try it out for yourself, see how it fits you! Create a photoshoot with your friends, wear your Gucci heels, your vintage headwear, and try out the trend. It is fast on its tracks, intercepting the fashion pack.

Get high fashion, and indulge in a rainbow of colors.

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