January 5, 2010

Tyler: My Eternity Log

My last Eternity log to make things more clear... I was thrilled when I found out that Mary had been able to get online and release the comeback issue of Eternity Magazine. I was even more relieved that nothing too serious had happened to her, but then I come to find out about these horrible comments Kaisa (UndamyUmbrellla) had left in my guestbook:

First of all, Kasia - I do not own Eternity Magazine. Nor do I have an actual say as to what contents Mary puts inside of it. I give ideas, sure - but it definitely does not mean that Mary is going to use them. It was Mel's decision if she wanted to be portrayed this way or not. She knew how she would look on the cover and throughout the spread, could she not have said no to all of this?

Oh, and another thing. I did not neglect to noticed that Mary "forgot" to add my name to the "team members" section of the magazine! So therefor, would that even make me a staff member to begin with... ? For my appearance and reputation I have decided to quit my position here at Eternity Magazine. As if I was even apart of it, eh?

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