January 12, 2010

Sneak Peak To February Issue!

Sincerely, Mary


Anonymous said...

there was a reason why eternity was #1, because it was different and unique of everything else, but now it just an other fashion magazine and Mary it's just seems like your trying too hard now

Mary said...

Trying too hard is your fear to show your identity. I am at least Mary, not anonymous.

And I can disagree with you on that point. We are now just more high fashion, and we were created as a fashion magazine, if you haven't forgot. Eternity has always been that. But we still have articles not about how to dress and stuff.

So, you're wrong.

Maria said...

Wang! :)

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Stunning, babe!

iluvmumble333 said...

These pictures are gorgeous.
i love the natural look.

I'm excited to see the new issue!

john2_el_mejor said...

OMG! Anna, Magdalena and Isabeli are my favorites! And they look awesome in Alexander Wang!

Let´s play soccer!

blueberry-dream said...

Are there going to be four covergirls in the Feb issue? :P
Wild guess, mamasitas.

Lily Rose ♥ said...

Those arent spoilers >_<
They are pics from a fashion site...:P Doesn't even have to do with Stardoll. xD