January 15, 2010

Eternity to have a sponsor Modelling Agency?

Hey there! :)

Some news around!
I've decided to find some active modelling agency to work with Eternity, and if you have one - you can give me a hint in my messages or GuestBook, or comments here.

Want to tell you what this agency I want to be like: 
- Sure thing, it's status of the agency - I mean exclusivity, name and reputation.
- Number of beautiful and stylish models.
- Difference in races - there must be models from all over the worlk, not just Europe and USA (but them too!) . The same with skintones.
- Fashion Sense and Style of the Agency's owner - you represent what you have here.
- Activity o the agency.
- Reliability.
- Would be great for owner to have Skype.

Why we search for one: 
This isn't immediately or what, but I want to be safe with models here - when you have someone in your agency, you know something about her, right? If I am searching a model just surfing Stardoll - me and my Team waste a lot of time without any guaranty. Also, I am interested in showing new faces - and if they've entered the agency, means they are worth to be in the magazine!

For more news, just message me :)

Sincerely, Mary


Fifi-Jayne said...

I own a modelling agency, it has almost 2300 members, and its growing. I have amazing managers. Vasia is one, and i'd be happy for more also! The club is called Model-Magic, or just visit my page on stardoll, fifibannana. Please consider, thank you. :D

2peicesofcandy1 said...

Wait seriously?!
You would be willing to support someone new to the agency!?
Because I have been looking for a debut as a model.
Check out my suite and get in contact with me!
Thank you so much(:

P.S. My stardoll username is 2peicesofcandy1