January 15, 2010

Eternity Team: Are you in?


Due to many people are asking me if they can work for E I thought, "why not? give them a chance".
So, here it is - I am picking 4 trial  members to the E team - exclusively, and only for this month. If think you can work without doing anything, or just be there to know E's inside secrets, then I should say you get nothing, cause trial members only get tasks, not get to know who even the CG is.
But if you're a good worker, giving the ideas and making tasks, then you have all the chances to leave in the team for good. When trial turns to permanent. 

What can you do?

Well, go to comments under this post and write 5 ideas for the February issue connected with:
- fashion article (2)
- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
- clothing idea (that's if you want)

Write your SD nickname then, and if you're picked then I orsomeone from the team will message you asap telling you're in!

By the way, you can't participate if you don't have Skype!

Sincerely, Mary


john2_el_mejor said...

I have an idea but I´ll tell you that via Skype

Bruno/kxcatarinaxk said...

- fashion article (2)
- The school bags that you can wear for schooll all the tips you need to have a great bag
- The lolita style, an article about lolita style is not so usual to see around

- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
-I have never seen a Cover with many men so i think i would like to see one

- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
- I'm thinking that we could do something like two difrent halfs of someone on stardoll like the side we all see and the inside of that person and she could tell us what she thinks that people think about her and the side they never seen or knowen.
- The man's on stardoll how every man does and how do many mans that are women

Clothes ideas:
- First Lolita style is so so in so we could put on some clothes from luella.

Bruno/kxcatarinaxk said...

Also skype brunospt
Stardoll: kxcatarinaxk

smoothielove said...

- fashion article (2)
•Hats, not just something on your head
(Coco Chanel did start as a hatmaker ;))
•The 'blogger' style, real fashion bloggers really set
trends, now the trends have turned into pixels and made their way to stardoll and Eternity!

- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
•Travelling! Dolls allso wants to see the world! Send a reporter/writer to an amazing country (well you get what I mean) and don't forget the models + the fab fashion you'll find there!

- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
•The secrets behind success in the stardoll world (it's time to reveal a couple of things)
•How to choose the right friends, and, stick with them

- clothing idea
•Jumpsuits, in a new way, different shapes and models, fits anyone ;)

smoothielove said...

Btw, I'm smoothieLove on stardoll and smoothielove-
on skype!

lulita-15 said...

-Fashion article:
*Colors, how to use them. How to use the colors it depends our mood, the weather and our style.
*Yves Saint Laurent La vie en haute couture. Yves Saint Laurent's life, he begin Working with Christian Dior, and later he made his own fashion brand.

-Something brand new no one have done yet:
*The inside decoration. You can also find someone's style on his house decoration.

-Articles not connected with fashion:
*Call him/her?
An article for lovers, some tips for you. If you want to call your ex, because you still loving him/her.
*Be healthy. Some tips for you and your body. How to take care about it!

-Clothes ideas:
*Lady Gaga's wardrobe. To show her most amazing dresses, stardoll's copies and their designer.


Halmonkey3 said...

Username: Halmonkey3

1) Fashion Article

- An article on pastel/color streaked hair. Relations to the Proenza Schouler and Giles Spring 2010 shows.

- An article on the comeback of clogs (Chanel and Louis Vuitton Spring 2010). What used to be fug, is now in. Can everything old become new?

2) Something brand new that no one has done yet

- A plus size editorial in a Stardoll magazine.

3) Articles not connected to fashion.

- Stardoll's Addiction To Controversy

- Fitness Obsessed- What happens when exercise goes too far?

Clothing Ideas
- I would love to see Eternity use some pre-fall Versace outfits; it's so mod and 60's with all the colors

- I would also love to see Eternity use a Christopher Kane Spring 2010 dress.

- The beaded green Lanvin dress from Spring 2010 is a great closing dress for a photoshoot.

- Prada clear/see-through shoes

- Michael Kors "plastic see-through" dresses (strips of clear plastic throughout the dress) Very modern and would work great with the Prada shoes.

Thank you,

blueberry-dream said...

Username: blueberry-dream
Skype: I'll tell you on SD Mail :D

-Gloves. There are many types of gloves like the puff gloves, fingerless, lace...
-Colours and sweetness. You could do an article on reflecting bright colours all around you (like ice-cream and desserts) into fashion. You could even make graphics of models posing nude, covered in ice-cream (inspired by a photoshoot in ANTM), although I'm not really sure about it :PP

-The official members of the Eternity team could meet up with each other in RL in a particular country, and get to know each other more. The idea base of this is friendship and bonding. (Although I don't know it this is possible x_x)

-Raising awareness of natural disasters (e.g Earthquakes, Tsunamis) and donating.
-The Internet. Why are people so addicted? What are the advantages, and disadvantages? And how about the 'dark side' or the Net...?

-I would love to see different types of sunglasses (: I am totally obsessed with sunglasses, and you could talk about the different types. Visit http://gagadaily.com/fashion/ to see more about those fabulous eye candies.

smoothielove said...

By the way, I promise you I have ALOT other clothing ideas too! ;D


Susan/Spicychic18 said...

- fashion article (2)
1. Why don't you have an article about all guy clothing, like designer clothing for men or medoll styles for guys?
2.Around the world fashion. You could choose different countrie, maybe like 5 or 10 and write about the fashion there.

- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
1.The Men of Stardoll. Gather all of the well known guys on Stardoll, put like maybe a bio or something about them, and maybe let them write an article?

- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
1. Maybe articles about what we can do to help out with poverty or the environment.
2.Why not do an article about people who need help with depression, or are unhappy?

- clothing idea (that's if you want)
Why not have user created designs of clothing featured in the magazine? :]

blueberry-dream said...

And if you want to hear more of my clothing ideas, I can give them to you! :D

--Cathie-- said...

Fashion article (2)
1.Minishop clothing.
Many people make clothing from minishop itmes and many of these outfits are fantastic!
2.Bargains of the month.
The best buys and greatest bargains of the month.
Something brand new no one have done yet (1)
1.Special editions.
Little extra-work, but it will pay off. Beside the monthly numbers of Eternity you could sometimes make special editions about animals, countries, music etc. that isn't connected to fashion.
Articles not connected to fashion. (2)
1.About bullying.
Many people are being bullied. Tips about how to find help and find friends who will protect you etc.
2.Celeb of the month.
You write an article about an celebrity. You write the facts like birthday, full name etc. and little secrets that most of people doesn't know about yet.
Clothing idea (that's if you want)
Showing flowers in a new way.

Username: -- Cathie--
Skype: via Dollmail.

Tess said...

- fashion article (2)

1. Saint or Sinner?
Do you play it safe when it comes to fashion or do you dare to be different? (2 ways to wear a certain outfit, the safe way and the daring way!)

2. Flaunt it!
An article on how to hide your imperfections and show what you're proud of eg. What type of clothing is better for curves

- something brand new no one has done yet (1)

1. Plus size models have never been done before and male models are not very common!

- articles not connected to fashion. (2)

1. Battle the papers!
An article on how to prepare and stay in control during examinations (there is alot this time of year)

2. Nobody's perfect!
An article on how the media have a negative affect on teenagers e.g. using airbrushing and photoshop to make models look flawless and teens believe this is how they really look and that they should look like this and be as thin as them too.

- clothing idea (that's if you want)

1. Versace Fall/Winter 2010 dresses are gorgeous and I'd love to see them in Eternity!

Tess said...

Also for the never done before section:

Highstreet VS Designer
An article where an outfit from the highstreet goes against a designer piece, both with similar themes, get the readers to vote for their favourite!

My stardoll username is TessModele

iluvmumble333 said...

Fashion Articles:

1)Fashion article about technical aspects of fashion. Such as different necklines, lengths, draping, and other effects and what they are used for.

2) Evolution of fashion. From each decade pick the signature outfit, and important designers. Then point out the changes and advancements from outfit to outfit.

Something Brand New:
1) Focus on the diversity of stardoll. Interview different girls, and show the diversity on stardoll and how stardoll brings so many diverse girls together. It would show some people what is like to live in other places, and maybe clear up some prejudice.

Two articles not related to fashion:

1) Music/Movies. Have an entertainment section where you could have music or the movie of the month. It would open peoples eyes to new things.

2) Profile an old time hollywood star or activist and what they did through there work that broke the barriers of their time. It could be used to show women/men that used their fame/life to make a difference.

Thanks for reading. :)
Stardoll- iluvmumble333
skype- Hannah Schumacher

sahar-star said...

- fashion article (2)
*re-making real life clothes from Stardoll clothes, how to do it.
you can choose a designer dress that you like and make it out of items on Stardoll, and tell us what items we should use
*Fashinable hairstyles-what's in?

- something brand new no one have done yet (1)
A photoshooting contest, people can take interesting pictures of their countries and places they like near where they live, then they can send you the pics via dollmail, and the top 3 winners will be featured in the next issue

- articles not connected to fashion. (2)
*the bueaty of nature- how we, the human beings are ruinning our planet, and how we can help, you can also look for some animals in danger that not a lot of people heard of.
*Behind the computer screens-you can make a research about Stardoll, who is the owner, how many people work for this site to make it this succesfull, and how it all started.

Rachweee123 said...

Stardoll username: Rachweee123

The two fashion articles:
- Focusing on harajuku and punk styles as it's different and out of the oridinary.
- The changing of fashion each decade. Focus on a certain century's fashion and show a significant fashion trend from each century.

Something brand new that hasn't been done before:
- Perhaps a coverboy or choose a user with alternative style, shying away from mainstream fashion trends.

Articles not connected to fashion:
- Cyber bullying. Too many people on Stardoll (and websites outside of Stardoll) are getting harassed repeatedly.
- Going green. Discusssing how we can save the environment.

and yes, I have skype.

blueberry-dream said...

Oh, yeah, and you also said 5 ideas for the Feb issue. Do we need to do those? :)

Bubblegumqueen (milly) said...

I have dozens of ideas! Here is a list.

DIY section
Interview with stardoll staff
Stardolls History
Non.superstar vs Superstar
Stardoll vs. Facebook
Stardoll on the big screen
super_girl interview
super_girl - staff or member
fashion icons of 2009
how to make the perfect party outfit
10 good suites
how to become covergirl
20 best moments of 2009
Tips on getting gifts for guys
Inside a celebritys wardobe - I have a page in my album full of celebrity inspired outfits you can use them if you want just contact me via guestbook

Username - Bubblegumqueen
Skye - Ask my stardoll account for it

Madisson said...

fashion article(2) -
1. McQueen's latest line has been amazing. It would be wonderful to do a piece on that but somehow, try to compare to the stardoll versions, if there are any close enough.
2. The nerdy girls wearing cardigans and checked skirts are always seen as cheap and not so elegant, maybe we could do a piece on brand name cardigan, button up blouses and checked skirts, that nerdy girls can look sexy and elegant too. Not always cheap and dull.

something brand new no one have done yet (1) -
1. I haven't seen an issue where you have done industrial fashion, I think that tradesmen and carpenters can look amazing while on the job.
2. (I've decided to do two :)
Sun cancer is on the rise. People going to the beach want to look hot in bikinis and one pieces but I'm sure they want a tan and don't want to be wearing swim shirts for protection, we could do an angle on sun protection and fashion together. You can look good and stay protected

articles not connected to fashion. (2) - Alot of celebs have been bringing out books lately. Maybe we could do a piece on that.
2. Colours, how they express a human being, how they effect moods.
- clothing idea (that's if you want) Well, I think this spring flowing dresses are out and tighter cotton dresses will be in, not necessarily with a floral print, light, plain colours such as lilac and lemon cheesecake colours. Sky blue and mint green also. Wooden beaded accessories to complement the dresses and neutral coloured wedges would complete the look. A lot with some pilot sunglasses and a over sized hat.

I have deleted my stardoll but it WAS PrincessxHazard. My name is Madisson. I am now using the account BrissieBella

♥ashleigh said...

~ angel.roberts

Fashion Article (2);
- Floral Returns, the catwalk contreversy
- Inspired by Twiggy; 60's Returns

Something Brand New No-one Has Done Yet (1);
- Try new poses / themes.
EG; http://i49.tinypic.com/i39to5.jpg

Themes such as; Nude, Alien, ANTM etc.

Articles Not Connected to Fashion (2)
- Eating Disorders; The Catwalk Obsession
- Womanizer; The men are invading.
( Eternity explores the 'elite men' of stardoll.
Such as; tylerisbold, MadWorld, Danpuffs, Prime_Tyme. , Nojarama etc.)

Clothes Ideas;
- Graphic Designs
- Floral Patterns, etc.

:Andd yes i do have Skype :)
Thankq for readingg, hope you can consider me i'd be glad to write an example. x

Nota said...

Stardoll Username: Nota_g

Fashion article:

1. Be sexy,be sussed - When sexy gets too far
2. One piece of clothing - Many styles (For e.g. we pick 'coat' as our key cloth and we create many styles using coats...)

Something brand new:

Double trouble - The majority of stardoll medolls look as if they could be twins. What's happened to individuality?

Articles (not fashion connected)

1. Near the edge - Obese and stick-thin are both two very dangerous body states.Learn to balance everything.
2. Style your suite! - Learn how to make your messy suite an interior design heaven (We can show the key trends when it comes to furniture)

Clothing Idea

http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/DVFURSTE/RUNWAY/00240m.jpg (The Jacket)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/DSQUARE/RUNWAY/00030m.jpg (Jeans)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/DSQUARE/RUNWAY/00020m.jpg (Shoes)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/ACNE/RUNWAY/02m.jpg (Shirt and Jeans)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/ICEBERG/RUNWAY/00020m.jpg (Dress)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/ICEBERG/RUNWAY/00030m.jpg (Dress)
http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/S2010RTW/BCBG/RUNWAY/00040m.jpg (clutch)

I have got skype.