January 26, 2010

We Have Our Winners! Trial E-Teamer Update

Hey guys, Charlotte posting here (2nd time, wow!)

I and Mary finally decided who was going in to the trial E-team; it took a little time for people to start applying, but they started pouring in after a couple of days! Though, we did not feel as though many of the entries really… stood out, you know? So we decided to go with the option of 3 people, instead of the original 4 people. These 3 people made their applications stand out, more than anyone else’s because of their amazing and original ideas! The lucky people that we chose for the trial E- team are:




Congratulations, girls! We hope… no, we know that you will enjoy the hectic life of an E – worker for a month, and hope you help us make this issue extra special! Thanks everyone for applying, and stay tuned for more news about E!!!


iluvmumble333 said...

Thank You SOOO Much!

I'm super excited!


SaRah. said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much! And congratulations to iluvmumble333 and smoothielove, both of your entries were genius ;D

Chicago3 said...

Just a question, can we still try to become a trial member, or has the time passed?

smoothielove said...

ooooh mmyyyyy gooooddd, is it okay to freak out?! haha seriously thank you SO much! Congrats you other two allso!

RihannyX said...

Congrats guys! :D

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Congrats guys! Blueberry-dream is an amazing writer, you are lucky to have her!

StardollLuvva said...

How do you become a member of the team and will there be more of these comps?
Amy x