January 30, 2010

Time for Molly

Some of you might know me and probably most of you might not now me. I'm smoothieLove on stardoll and my real name is Molly. I'm one of the three trials at E right now!

First of all, I'm very excited to be working with such experienced and creative people. That's what E is about, being creative and doing it well, for a fabulous magazine. I haven't been a part of this for a long time at all, but I'm slowly getting it. Now working on some articles and just trying to get the right feeling. Since both Charlotte and Mary told me stuff like 'Don't think, it'll just come' I will believe them, the real stuff just comes, right? Well I bet my time at E, no matter how long it will end up as, will be educational, intresting, fun and very very fashion!
And I might have some cool gossip to tell, when the time is right ;)

Have a great day /Molly


ADJAJA/Anna said...

You seem really cool! I am interested in your writing.


smoothielove said...

Oh, thank you!
In what way? :)