January 7, 2010

Eternity January Cover Shoot

Mary is here, back to the internet scene. First of all - sorry I wasn't there, at Eternity Mag's release party - I had this lucky thing for my inet to turn off at 0:01am, 3d of January. But oh well, I went to my friend's house next day to upload the pictures.

Today, my brother finally set everything up and I got connected again. Went to my blogger, and saw the news on E. First, it was a positive opinion, it is just because I never read what Kasia said cause I thought it was random posts, and I wanted to see what's on with E. In a few minutes I've realized that wow - we caused so much drama for 2 days! I'd like to explain the nude shoot of Melanie Bookson on the cover, how she agreed and why we've done that.

1. It wasn't done without Melanie's permission. She agreed to be a CoverGirl.
2. Melanie wanted to be naked. She didn't want to wear fur, because she told it was "ghetto". It was nothing against nudity in the Skype chat, Mel liked it. Too bad the history is on my Mac. At first she disliked the fur idea, but Dora showed her naked Campbell in fur, and she agreed in a second. By the way, notice that her appereance in "D" magazine only in lingerie never caused so much drama, because Melanie agreed to be naked there too. So don't go telling that E is such a perv, using 15 year old girl.
3. In the interview, Lorie mentions that it is "faux fur", so stop the huge realfurcontroversy talk. And by the way - have you totally forgot we're on Stardoll and the fur was drawn by my hands?
4. I bet you've seen tons of people - your role models, celebrities and stuff - naked in shoots. Are you really offended? I mean, I don't even get it - you guys are what - ashamed of being human? You were born naked, not in Chanel dresses, so don't offend yourself. Or if you want so - go to shower and scream "OMG! I offend myself now!!!"
5. Melanie was never shown as a prostitute. Nudity is shown as Art in Eternity, because Fashion is Art and Eternity is Fashion. And by the way - go and take all the clothes from Mel's doll on SD right now. And you know what? You'l see more there, then on Eternity pages! :)
6. It is a virtual magazine.

I think I've explained everything normally. You just need to understand that no one fooled Melanie or something, she agreed herself. Just get over it. Oh no, don't get over it. "You're nothing until you are talked about", remember? :)

Also, I will fix some errors with the graphics, and Caroline's surname soon. It's just I had no internet.

Thank you for reading!
P.S. February issue spoiler is coming soon!

Sincerely, Mary


Nik. said...

LOL @ number 4. haha. i laughed. :]

anyways, i think you're completely right mary. freakout over nothing that's all this drama was.


Sheer.Models said...

I agree completely with everything you said, Mary. Eternity comeback was fabulous, you should be very proud!

Mary said...

I am sorry, but even a moron can express their fabulous opinion by anonymous. I am serious, al the anonymous comments will be deleted. Don't say anything if you're no one.
And if you want to tellsomething really important - name yourself. If it isn't offencive, for sure.

Christina Lake said...

Over-reacting, it is stardoll afterall.

C ♥

Anonymous said...

Mary, I left this post unsigned because I don't have a blogspot account. But, you make very good points. But D Magazine at least put some underwear on her, unlike you making her bare naked. Mel wasn't even fully naked. But I too loved point 4. Not only its humorous, but it also has a great point.


ADJAJA/Anna said...

Nice reasons; very true.